Knight’s & Magic Episode 4-5 [Review]

By: Thunderheavyarm

Another two weeks, and more tales of nearly impossible feats for Ernie in the next two episodes. Last episode, Ernie had fully upgraded a 300 year old Knight Silhouette with more modern equipment and construction. As well as the addition of powered armor called Silhouette Gears.

There are people with weapons in this scene that honestly shouldn’t have them

Episodes 4 and 5 pair well together, as they focus in a single relative area. Episode 4 is plagued with jump cuts from small scenes that barely convey a story. Jumping from a weapons test for the silhouette gears, to the continuing problem of mana capacity in the new runner unit and another scene where the audience learns about a rival kingdom to the west. The story for this episode doesn’t get started until about 10 minutes in, when Ernie is summoned to Castle Casadesus by the Order of the Scarlet Rabbit. If you’re as perplexed as to how an order of knights wins with a name like that, apparently if you’re too busy laughing to fight victories are easy I guess. Marquis Dixgard is perplexed at the rapid development of a new unit, as are we all, and wishes to learn Ernie’s intent. Along the way the new units are allowed to show up the veterans by being superior in every way when the convoy is attacked. The rest of the episode devolves quickly into Ernie explaining to Dixgard, who quickly gains the expression of a torture victim, his future plans for the Silhouette Knights. Meanwhile, a group of people plot a way to steal the new units by causing beasts to attack a nearby village.

Episode 5 continues with the mysterious group hijacking a single knight runner on his way back to the castle and just walking straight into the castle with no check on who they are. The guards are quickly overtaken and the new units captured. At the same time, Ernie and his friends are bringing a newly modified Silhouette Knight to the castle and arrive in time to assist with two they find on the road. Addy and Kidd manage to hold their own in their gears against something about 6 times their size, although extremely clumsily. Meanwhile, at the castle Ernie appears after being absent for roughly 60% of the episode and immediately takes out a Knight by forcing it to shoot itself in the back with it’s own rods. All so that he could upstage the commander of the Scarlet rabbit who was unable to defeat pilots in unfamiliar knights. The episode caps off with a horde of beasts that attack the heroes on the road that the main villainess uses to escape in the only remaining new knight runner. Retreating to the capital, the King names Ernie a commander of a new order of knights including all his friends to safeguard the future research he does.

This was actually one of my favorite episodes for 5. Mostly because it was at a point where Ernie wasn’t hogging the lime light and other characters were allowed to act. Granted, the short time he was seen immediately overpowered everything. I’m not certain where the series is heading at this point. If there’s going to be a war with the other country that nobody seems to think stole the knights. Of course, I could be wrong and this is a weird highly trained and versatile group of mercenaries just looking for free military gear. And a final thought, in this episode we see the Silhouette Gears in action and I have to wonder, what’s the point of Silhouette Knights now? The gears are smaller and seem far more useful than the larger mechas unless they plan on building the larger ones to be giant magic cannons for forts. Most of my curiosity though, is just how much more pandering can they give Ernie in this series.

You can watch Knight’s & Magic on Sundays at Crunchyroll.

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