Convention Chronicles: Kingdom Con

By: Roguesymbiote

Attending Kingdom Con is an absolute must for anyone interested in the wide spectrum of the gaming world. From simple board games to intense Warhammer battles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Although Kingdom Con is a relatively small convention, it uses that to its advantage. It incorporates aspects that large conventions have yet to perfect. One such aspect is the level of interaction an attendee can have with game creators and developers.

Unpublished Game Section

There is an entire section of Kingdom Con where unpublished games can be demoed by anyone. This experience allows game developers both advertise their product and receive feedback on how their creations can be improved before going to market. Another feature that sets Kingdom Con apart is the reward system for testing out these games. Crown coins are awarded after completing rounds or entire games and can be traded in the “Treasury” for games, expansions, collectibles, books and other prizes. This concept essentially turns the convention itself into one big game where if you participate, you win.

Scheduled Gaming

Discovering new games can be thoroughly entertaining, but a large part of Kingdom Con includes playing more popular games against others. An entire hall was devoted to Warhammer. Players showed off their artistic and strategic ability in tournament style battles. Another hall was dedicated to games like Mice and Mystics, Pandemic and Dead of Winter. Attendees participated in tournaments and walked away with prizes and promo products. A white board displayed gaming start times and availability. If game slots were full, games were available to rent and play in designated gaming areas. Role playing games were heavily represented with halls filled with groups enjoying multiple versions of Dungeons & Dragons. The parties were broken up by level and given designated Dungeon Masters to weave stories and stimulate imaginations.


Conventions are known for being a great place to find fun and interesting items that are difficult to find elsewhere. Even though the area to purchase items was relatively small, a wide range of interests were represented and available. Some items included D&D dice rollers and miniature figures to large board games and wearable armors, there was something for everyone to bring home. Local gaming stores were offering discounts and other merchants had small items like specially designed pocket watches, my personal favorite being one made to look like the book from Death Note.


Even though Kingdom Con is smaller than most other conventions, there was never any down time. Being able to test and influence unpublished games and then be rewarded for it was thoroughly enjoyable. Conventions such as this one allow gamers of all interests and intensity levels to come together and share their knowledge and excitement with one another. Having the opportunity to try out new games in a friendly atmosphere generated a strong desire to return and see how Kingdom Con will grow and improve over time.


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