Kingdom-Con 2018: Highlights

By: Mithrandiel

A few weeks ago my colleagues and I were lucky enough to attend Kingdom-Con here in San Diego. Being big tabletop and board game fans, we had a feeling that this convention would be a great fit for us, and sure enough, we all had a terrific time!

It’s important to note that Kingdom-Con isn’t a very large show (yet). However, there is a great sense of community among the attendees there so far. The vendor hall, though small, had some relevant products as well; from dice and dice towers, to Warhammer terrain and obstacles, and of course, board games.

One of the coolest elements of the show is something called “UnPub”. This is a showcase for board and card games that are in development, and gives developers a chance to get some valuable play-testing in, gather feedback, and make necessary tweaks to ultimately prepare their game for publishing.

At the con, there’s a sizable room dedicated to board-gaming. A vast library of games are at your disposal at the back of the room, and to add an interesting twist, for every hour you and your friends play games, you earn tokens that can later be redeemed at “The Vault” for prizes like board games, minis, cards and more.

The other large room is dedicated to Warhammer 40k and other miniature-based games. This was bustling all weekend long, and had some of the most impressive displays of the weekend.

Overall, Kingdom-Con 2018 was a blast! We look forward to attending next year, and encourage you to do the same if you’re in the Southern California/San Diego area!

Many thanks to Ross Thompson from IDW Games, who helped to arrange our passes in order to cover this event. We look forward to seeing this show grow in the years to come!

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