HyperX Cloud Stinger Headset (Unboxing + Review)

By: Mithrandiel

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During TwitchCon I had the opportunity to attend a launch event for HyperX’s latest headset, the Cloud Stinger. I’m currently rocking a PS4 Gold Wireless headset that I picked up a while back – it’s been a great headset for me with one glaring flaw: the microphone audio is awful. The few times I’ve utilized Twitch to stream some of my Hyper Light Drifter one-shot attempts, my audio comes out very muffled and tinny – certainly not a good sound for any of my party members on Destiny, Overwatch or any other online multiplayer I might find myself in.

Therefore, when I received the invite to the HyperX event I was excited at the opportunity to replace my current headset with one that featured a more prominent and innovative microphone. Let’s dive right into the unboxing, shall we?


The first thing I was really stoked about was the cross-platform compatibility. My main machine is a Mac *dodges incoming stones* and so having a headset I could use interchangeably on my Mac and PS4 was a big plus for me.



The packaging is pretty solid, and includes a message from HyperX as well as a quick start guide for the various platforms. The cable is neatly tucked away and as you lift the headset out of the foam and see those cushioned earpieces you’ll likely do what I did and just put them on, walking around with the cable in tow.



hyperx-4 hyperx-1

Despite its relatively low cost, you definitely don’t feel the value in the design. The memory foam earpieces are very comfortable, the adjustable frame is made of steel, and the mic swivels up and down cleanly. The microphone is probably my favorite element of this headset because it’s helped solved a dilemma my wife and I have had for some time now.

You see, with my previous wireless headset, if my wife walked in on me gaming she wasn’t sure if I was in a party chat or not. I could just be invested in my game or I might be on a hot mic trying to coordinate with my teammates. We developed an elaborate system of hand signals to communicate whether or not I was chatting with people; overall an inconvenient exercise. With the HyperX Cloud Stinger, however, moving the mic down activates it, while swiveling it up mutes it. Quick and easy, and now my wife can see at a glance whether I’m strategizing with friends, or just killing monsters.

In terms of the audio output, check out my test stream here to get an idea of the quality difference between the PS4 Wireless Headset and the HyperX Cloud Stinger.

Overall, considering its very reasonable cost, the HyperX Cloud Stinger offers great performance and ease of use for those looking to replace their current gaming headset. A great buy for any gamer looking at a new headset! Follow the link below to get one today!

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