Heavy Object Part 2 Blu-Ray (Review)

By: AlanV

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Qwenther, Havia, Frolaytia, Milinda and the rest of the Legitimate Kingdom forces continue to wage war in theaters across the globe. They face off against desperate madmen, opposing factions and even fend off forces coming from within the kingdom. Despite all of this they still manage to find time to rattle off euphemisms for big breasts every few minutes.

The story continues to unfold across mini-arcs that are told between two and three episodes. Going from the lush jungles of the Amazon to the freezing landscape of the Kamchatka peninsula. However, most of the time is spent in snowy locales that allow a variety of military scenarios to unfold.

The main characters and their relationships continue to fall flat. Qwenther and Havia are constantly making sexual innuendo aimed at their commanding officer, Frolaytia, even while out in the middle of battle. It’s incredibly jarring as Heavy Object very much wants viewers to take its plot seriously, and absorbing whatever messages about the evils of war it wants to wax poetic about.

The fan service is shoehorned in as elegantly as its jokes about big breasts. In one scene where Frolaytia is playing pool with Qwenther and Havia she uses it as an opportunity to loosen her clothing and bend over in all manner of ways. The rest of the ladies in Heavy Object also go out of their way to get their large bosoms into the boys’ faces when the chance arises. The creators couldn’t even make a plausible reason for the fan service? An episode where the crew goes for R&R at a beach or hot springs would fit perfectly.

The most enjoyable portion of this second set happens during the Battle of Victoria arc. This is where the only characters that are enjoyable get some screen time. The Battlefield Cleanup Service act as a group of mercenaries who stay true to their character, all while maintaining a sense of humor. It feels as if this is the mix of comedy and seriousness the creators wanted with the rest of the series, but couldn’t pull off.

Video Quality

This is a solid presentation in 1080p. The bit rate is variable ranging from 11Mbps all the way up to 38Mbps, remaining healthy when needed. The show has a rather standard look to it and wasn’t hindered to look as good as it could. No major, noticeable issues to report on this blu-ray release.

Audio Quality

Both the Japanese and English language tracks are in Dolby TrueHD 2.0 stereo. They’re both similar with no real technical differences, with the only differentiation being that the Japanese cast delivers a more convincing performance. It might be because the dialogue couldn’t get the best out of the English-speaking cast.


The supplemental material is a bit thin. There is commentary for episode 23, 2 textless versions of the opening and trailers for other Funimation properties.

Heavy Object is an anime that manages to miss the mark on so many fronts. Even the ending isn’t satisfying, as it feels isolated and rushed. The only positive note to this set was the Battlefield Cleanup Service, but that alone doesn’t warrant the investment. At least Funimation put in a solid effort for whoever this managed to capture as fans.

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