Happy Birthday Mithical Entertainment!

By: Mithrandiel

Time flies when you’re having fun!

Here we are, two years since Mithical Entertainment’s first article was published. Since then, I’ve recruited some of my closest friends and talented writers from all over the country to help us in providing regular content on my favorite hobbies: watching anime, and playing video/board games.

We’ve had the opportunity to cover some pretty amazing events in the last two years. In 2016 there was the inaugural year of Silicon Valley Comic Con, touring Riot Games HQ in Los Angeles, detailing the Premier Fan experience at Anime Expo, TwitchCon, and the FFXV Uncovered Event.

This year we had the opportunity to attend CES, WonderCon, Anime Boston, Anime Expo (as press this time), and most recently – PAX West!

Over the last two years, friendships have been formed within the anime and indie game community as well. Creators, voice actors, and influencers have taken the time to sit down with me and discuss their projects and motivations. Our interviews run quite the gamut: from our first interview was veteran voice actor John Swasey, to my extended conversation with indie game developer of Hyper Light Drifter Alx Preston, to reflecting on the importance of protecting digital assets with “Video Game Lawyer” Ryan Morrison. We’ve chatted it up with Erica Lindbeck, Koji Igarashi, Alejandra Reynoso, and the directing staff behind the Castlevania Netflix series, in addition to many more extremely talented individuals. For their time, I am very grateful.

As our site gained more attention, we’ve been very grateful to establish relationships with a handful of amazing companies. First and foremost, FUNimation – the first major company that took a chance on our small slice of the internet. Their partnership, and review copies of anime, have helped us to establish a foothold in the industry to expand our reach and influence. Since our initial relationship with Funimation, we’re happy to have partnered up with other companies including VIZ Media, Kodansha Comics, Asmodee Games, Loot Crate, Japanime Games and Aksys. In the coming year, we hope to continue expanding and forge even more amazing partnerships.

Overall, it’s been an amazing two years so far. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or happened upon our site by some crazy random happenstance, welcome! We hope you stick around and continue to follow us on our journey. Fall season is rapidly approaching, and there are some fantastic video games just beyond the horizon (Shadow of War anyone?) – it’s a great time to be a geek!


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