Get Your Game On! – January’s Loot Anime Box!

By: Mithrandiel

Phew, it’s been a crazy few weeks, and in sorting through my closet I realized that I completely neglected my most recent Loot Anime shipment!

January’s theme is “Game On!” – drawing from video game inspired anime series, with Shadow the Hedgehog taking center stage as the figure for the month. But first – apparel!

That’s right Steins;Gate fans – rejoice! You’ve got a shirt to sport your fandom! The off-white color is just enough to make you think “Sure, I won’t stain this one…” as you settle down into your bed of lies. A great addition for fans of A) Steins;Gate B) anime and C) wearing clothes in public.

I know what you’re thinking – Mithrandiel, that shirt is great and everything…but it needs something else – some flair maybe…

Well say no more! The folks at Loot Anime were kind enough to include some awesome pins this month to accompany your newest shirt!

These pins (which I think I got a duplicate of…) are from the hit comedy anime Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls in A Dungeon? They are Grade-A cool and would make a great addition to your overloaded convention bag!

Also bundled in is volume 1 of the Final Fantasy Type-0 manga:

As a big fan of Type-0 myself I definitely appreciated this addition to the box.

Solid art style and a great introduction to the world of Type-0, it sets you on the path of the remaining volumes – of which there are currently 5.

Now for the main event:

This month’s figure is Shadow the Hedgehog. Though not the iconic “Blue Blur”, Shadow has gained notoriety in previous years and definitely gets a chance to shine with this solid figure release.

The stand features a large Ring as his backdrop, and Shadow is designed in such a way that he can stand on his own, rather than locking into the bottom-plate.

Overall, another solid entry from Loot Anime. Though, I did feel that it was a bit thinner than previous months. The Yoshitaka Amano artbook they included in November’s box, or something like it, may have been a more fitting addition and helped to round out the “bang for your buck” factor.

Certainly looking forward to seeing what February has to offer! Remember to go to our sponsored Loot Anime link here to help us out!

Loot Anime Box (January 2018)

Loot Anime Box (January 2018)


9.0 /10


8.5 /10

What Works

  • The figures continue to provide the bulk of the value - Shadow is wonderfully made
  • Steins;Gate shirt is awesome!
  • Gaming theme will no doubt crossover with many anime fans...

What Hurts

  • It felt a bit thin this month - I think one more item could have really driven home the "bang for your buck" feeling

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