First Impressions: Super Senso

By: Mithrandiel

Do you feel like you’re missing something? No, besides your purpose in life. That’s right – a quality turn-based strategy game in the same vein as Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics! Luckily, I have just the thing for you…

While walking around TwitchCon this year it was hard to miss the Super Senso booth as it showcased a vehicle based strategy RPG that was very reminiscent of the GameBoy Advance classic.


Going through the demo, it certainly felt familiar, but as I was told at the start, the actual game would start you out with a much more limited number of units to choose from. Rather than overwhelm new players with a wave of tactical possibilities, Super Senso takes will take its time introducing new units and how they can be best used on the battlefield.

The captain of your rag-tag team of tanks, trucks, choppers and more is a large mech known as a “Senso” – you then build a “deck” of units to complement that senso before sending it off to battle. Of course, different sensos have different strengths, and as more and more units are introduced you’ll have the opportunity to diversify  your arsenal to an absurd degree.


Deployment and movement is pretty straightforward – you tap the unit you want to move and then double tap on the desired destination. If you do a single tap you can see a preview of its path; this allows you to explore different movement possibilities. Both teams have a home base that are attacked with a satellite-like laser at the end of each round, and this laser does bonus damage based on the number and type of units you destroyed. This way, rounds are given a maximum time limit as eventually the laser will take out someone’s base whether you attack it or not.


The sprites are very colorful and have a very mechanical and polished look and feel to them while still preserving a level of playfulness and fun.

While previewing the game I had the opportunity to chat with Ray Bautista, Senior Director of business development for Turbo games. Take a listen to our conversation below as he discusses the development process, as well as Turbo’s approach in terms of price and their thoughts on micro-transactions.

You can learn more about Super Senso at their main site here. Keep an eye out for this game – coming very soon to mobile devices everywhere!

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