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Executive Assistant Iris Volume 5, Issue 1 (Comic Book Review)

By: Lowfat

This is the first issue of the fifth volume of Executive Assistant Iris. Iris was raised from youth to be adept in combat and espionage (think Red Sparrow, Black Widow, and other characters with codenames from creatures of varying colors).

Story Arc

Executive Assistant Iris foils a high-profile kidnapping plot with karate, which – thanks to onlookers with access to social media – attracts the attention of a billionaire with an impressive mustache. It’s actually way better than this description, but you get the idea: the first issue is mainly setup sprinkled with a hint of exposition in order to entice fans while acclimating new readers.

Comic Review

Executive Assistant Iris is off to a good start. The action delivers, and its consequences are real enough to hint at greater adventure – and peril – in the coming issues. The line art is more than competent, and the coloring goes a long way to convey the stylized realism. Finer details like Iris’s intricate tattoo add a nice layer of polish. It certainly deserves a place alongside more mainstream superhero books on the shelves.

This book is best suited for young adults or mature kids. It comes with a T for Teen rating, and, since the protagonist and antagonists are all humans, the violence is more akin to what one would expect from a summer blockbuster, instead of an animated children’s tale. The violence isn’t gratuitous, but it is exciting and realistic. I want more things to explode in the coming issues, Aspen Comics!

This issue features a lot of setup. It does a great job introducing and fleshing out the characters and the world they inhabit. Iris shares a world with Aspen (another comic published by Aspen Comics), and the nods to some of the more fantastical sci-fi elements provided unexpected but welcome fun.

The writing is good so far. Each scene is well-framed and well written. The extravagant billionaire Brunson and his pointed dealmaking is easy to follow, and Iris’s quiet, contemplative monologues are easy to believe, just like in a proper summer action movie.

This is a fine first issue. It sets up everything from new gadgets and weapons, to drama, intrigue, and maybe even a bit of betrayal. There’s not much in the way of character development, but that’s not really what Iris is about. Here’s hoping that future issues in this series will continue to up the action as the plot unfurls.

For more information on Executive Assistant Iris, Aspen Comic’s online comic shop can be found here.

Thanks to Aspen Comics for providing us with digital review copies in exchange for our honest reviews!

Executive Assistant Iris - Volume 5, Issue 1

Executive Assistant Iris - Volume 5, Issue 1


8.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.0 /10

What Works

  • Tight, fast-paced plot
  • Does a great job of introducing the characters and world while moving the story forward
  • Characters are solid, if not wholly unique

What Hurts

  • No character development for Iris – she mostly just reacts to what is happening to her
  • Some typos (“its” vs. “it’s”)

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