E3 2017 – EA Press Conference

By: AlanV

The EA E3 2017 press conference was the usual EA fair. Their flagship sports titles mixed in with some of their other non-sports franchises. As usual there were some cringe inducing moments, but it was a lot better than their effort last year. Below are the games they featured.

Madden NFL 18 – This will be Madden as usual, however with the introduction of a story mode called Longshot that is similar to the story mode included in last year’s FIFA game. It will have players taking on the role of a young football player’s rise to the NFL.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – EA made it known that they listened to the criticisms leveled at the first Battlefront. Battlefront 2 will have 3x the amount of content as the previous game, free post release content, and a single player story mode.

Battlefield 1 – EA is very proud of the community it has built with this title and will look to bolster it with new map packs that will be included with the In the Name of the Tsar DLC, along with new player progression. Unfortunately they didn’t disclose much in the way of details when it comes to the changes in player progression.

FIFA 18 – Players will be continuing the story of “Alex Hunter” who is the main character from last year’s story mode, and will be titled The Journey Hunter Returns. EA also bolstered the fluidity of player movements for their soccer franchise.

Need for Speed Payback –  This one started with a super awkward intro, basically peak EA. The biggest selling point will be heists. Players will find themselves battling other cars similar to Burnout, and it will likely involve police chases. One of the most noticeable things is that the camera might cut away too often when other cars crash, which will annoy plenty of gamers.

A Way Out – A prison break game that features co-op gameplay. It will have players not just break out from prison, but be on the lamb as well. From the makers of Brothers: Tale of Two Sons. Playing couch coop will be best way to experience it. Must be played with someone else. This is without a doubt the most interesting and exciting game shown by EA.

Anthem – A new IP from Bioware that will be shown more during the Microsoft press conference. Felt like a blend of Mass Effect and Titanfall. Very short teaser.

NBA Live 18 – A return of the franchise, analog sticks are integral to controlling players. Will include a gameplay mode called The One, where players develop the legacy of their created character. Gameplay isn’t limited to NBA courts, there will also be opportunities to play street ball.

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