E3 2017 – Sony Press Conference

By; AlanV

It was going to be difficult for Sony to follow-up the last two years, and sure enough they couldn’t keep up that kind of pace. It very much felt like the rest of the press conferences, just with less talking. It wasn’t bad, with a few nice game surprises.

Below are the games discussed during their show.

Uncharted the Lost Legacy – Another trailer that expands on what was shown at last year’s PSX event. Feels very much like an Uncharted game, and it looks like there might be an opportunity for some co-op play.

Horizon Zero Dawn DLC – The Frozen Wild, takes place after the events of the main game.

Days Gone – Gameplay demo. Main character is shown riding bike on highway and gets jumped by other humans, so infected aren’t the only enemy. The kills look like they will be brutal. Incredibly lush outdoor environments. Players can setup traps for enemies. Stealth will come into play.

Monster Hunter World – This franchise has never looked this good. It’s the same good stuff, but better! It feels like the full distillation of what a Monster Hunter game should be. Some of the Abilities displayed where using camouflage to evade monsters, and a grappling hook to latch onto them. Early 2018.

Shadow of the Colossus – Remake for the PS4! To see this game with such high fidelity visual is a treat. They will also have the opportunity to rectify some of the issues that were in the original. Coming in 2018.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite – Not much needs to be said, fun fighting game action. September 19, 2017. Story Demo available now.

Call of Duty WWII – Back to World War 2. The usual.

Skyrim VR – Yet another version of this game, this time in VR. This game might outlive cockroaches.

Star Child – A VR sidescroller with a Sci-Fi setting. Not quite sure how this will work out, or if it’s the best use of VR.

The inpatient – This is a horror game where players are traversing an insane asylum, where a not so nice doctor is “taking care of them.” Should be an unsettling experience in VR.

Final Fantasy XV DLC – Monster of the Deep, a spinoff where players can fish in VR.

Bravo Team – First person shooter, urban warfare in VR.

Moss – A fairy tale world where players will help a mouse explore caves, forests and other environments. A VR title that could prove interesting given the perspective of the camera.

God of War – Story trailer showing different parts of the game world, and a glimpse at the relationship between Kratos and the boy. They will embark on an epic adventure, together. Early 2018.

Detroit Become Human – Story trailer showing the androids longing for more than just doing grunt work or being objects. This kicks off human versus android conflict. Shows other side of the story compared to what was shown during E3 last year.

Destiny 2 – Another trailer. Nothing big.

Spider Man – The game borrows heavily from the latest Batman series and fuses that with Spider-Man’s move set, which isn’t a bad thing. It nails the most basic aspect of Spider-Man, swinging through the city skyscape while chasing after bad guys. Coming in 2018.

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