Days – Episode 10 (Review)

By: AlanV

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In Days episode ten the soccer action continues to heat up as Seiseki takes on Saku. This episode gives viewers tactics, locker room dynamics and puts the players’ will to win on full display.

The tactics that are used by both squads is sound. Seiseki decides to have man-to-man marking to try and negate Saku’s captain. Unfortunately, Jin just isn’t ready to guard a player of this caliber, leading to Seiseki getting burned with a goal that ties the game up. It’s impressive that Jin uses this moment to see where he measures up, knowing that as skilled as he is he still has room to grow.

Meanwhile, Saku tries to counteract the beastly play of Seiseki’s captain by keeping the ball on the ground. This is because he is most effective when getting service through the air, outjumping everyone to get to the ball. This is how it would play out in a real game, and it’s nice to see the show strive to be as accurate as it can.

Days Episode 10 Seiseki Saku

During halftime Days takes an opportunity to display the differing team chemistries. While it gives insight into team dynamics it’s not particularly interesting. A lot of teammates don’t like one another, but are able to put that aside to win. This is a well-known fact in the sporting world. Nothing much to see here. It would’ve been far better to show the coaches come to the fore during the locker room segments.

The desire to win is a driving force in this episode, especially with Seiseki players. Jin overcomes his shortcomings to continue the good fight, while Seiseki’s forward fights to prove that he isn’t a team pariah. It’s part of Days’ DNA and it’s always fun to watch how it will manifest itself.

Days episode 10 was a solid one, but just like Jin there is plenty of room left for it to grow.

Days can be viewed on Crunchyroll, new episodes debut Saturday at 3:30PM EDT.

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