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David Tennant and Krysten Ritter Panel: The Highlight of SVCC 2018

By: TeeDub

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 ended its third year on a high note with David Tennant and Krysten Ritter taking the stage for a light-hearted and banter-filled discussion on a variety of subjects, from super powers that they would use to futuristic teleporters that they wish they had. Read on for a short summary of the panel discussion.

The conversation began with Ritter’s current crocheting projects, including a blanket at home and a sweater that was sitting in her purse. Naturally, Tennant chimed in with his own knitting project – nothing. Tennant was also asked whether he applied method acting while voicing Scrooge McDuck. He gleefully joked that it was, noting that going pants-free was a key component to his method acting approach. The panel also briefly discussed David Tennant dancing in exceedingly tight trousers for the Amazon series Good Omens based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s book.

The panelists were also asked about what they would do with Kilgrave’s powers if they had them. Ritter joked that getting others to do their taxes for them would be great. Both agreed that they would start with virtuous intentions but end up corrupted by such a power. Ritter then confessed to not anticipating the fame that would come of playing Jessica Jones since no one had previously played the Marvel character. She was very excited to see people cosplaying as Jessica Jones and more surprised that people even watched the show and would want to meet her. Ritter also admitted to being nervous to the point of fainting at times.

In terms of difficult scenes to shoot, Ritter noted that a Season 1 night scene where she was by a fire escape with Tennant whispering in her ear was difficult to film because it was -8 degrees outside and extremely cold. Tennant stated that a Season 1 scene where water had to be added to a room was difficult to shoot because of the logistics of filling the room and emptying the room with water. Moreover, Ritter apparently hit Tennant in the nose with a canister while filming Season 2, resulting in a bloody nose and Tennant’s “best Stranger Things” moment.

Subsequently, the panel discussed to which characters that each actor has played that they admired the most. Ritter admires Jessica Jones because of her strength. David Tennant admired Jimmy Murphy because of his humility. Both actors also joked that they would love to try musical theater, but that their voices would most likely give out within a few days.

In terms of most unique fan experiences, Ritter noted that many fans wanted her to punch them. Tennant explained that the weirdest fan experience he had happened when he was showering, naked as the day he was born. A man, also as naked as the day he was born, approached him and asked him for an autograph. With the shower streaming and turning the piece of paper into pulp, Tennant managed to carve out an autograph, as one would carve a woodcut. Signing autographs is not something you should do naked.

The panel then entered a rapid fire round of questions, as follows:

What inspires you?

  • Ritter: inspiration can be found everywhere.
  • Tennant: my kids.

What frustrates you?

  • Tennant (jokingly): my kids.

What has changed now since earlier in your career?

  • Ritter: taking better care of myself.
  • Tennant: finding work-life balance.

What is your guilty pleasure?

  • Ritter: I have a really bad one. I got into the Kardashians, man! I think I just like how they have a large family.

Favorite childhood hero?

  • Ritter: Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice.
  • Tennant: The Doctor.

The panel closed with a variety of fan questions and discussions on a variety of topics. Tennant’s new film Bad Samaritan, opens May 4, 2018. Tennant has a propensity to run from his trailer to the set and briefly understood Einstein’s theory of relativity for a film. Ritter’s advice to young actors includes, hone your skills, say yes, and get used to hearing no without it getting you down. Acting is a marathon, not a sprint.

All in all, this panel was one of the most entertaining and certainly the most in-demand of the SVCC 2018 weekend.

Check out our full gallery of the panel below!

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