Critical Role: Episode 64 and 65 Review

By: I.Am.No.Man

Critical Role Review: Episodes 64 and 65

Episode 64: The Frigid Doom

Summary: Vox Machina returns to Whitestone feeling the strange effects of the Fey Wild weighing on them. They learn that things are not good at home; Thordak lords over the remains of Tal’dorei spreading death and destruction to any who defy him, Raishan the green evades the watchful eyes of even the most skilled arcanists, and Vorugal the white dragon sits on the rubble of Draconia – a king of the dead city. The companions voyage to Draconia on a mission to spy on Vorugal, The Frigid Doom, and rescue any dragonborn survivors. What they find there will change them forever.

Why to Watch: Holy shit, this is one of the best episodes I’ve seen so far. The story arc in this episode is amazing! It has great humor, good character building, and a heart wrenching ending. The action in the first half really kick starts this fast paced episode. The emotional journey through the last half of the episode shows an unexpectedly touching side of DnD.


Off to a fantastic start (7:07)

Vex’ahlia’s Nightmare (10:06)

Look into my eyes Percy (12:55)

What really happened in the Fey Wild (15:45)

Oh……no…. (42:00)

What’s the plan again? (2:04:24)

We’re really doing this (2:21:30)

Entering Draconia (2:38:00)

This was a great plan (2:42:30)

Choice A or B? (2:44:30)

Vorugal’s Lair (3:20:00)

Flashback: the fight for Draconia (3:23:10)

Scanlan’s finest moment (3:31:50)

Return of an old friend (3:42:30)

Saying Goodbye (3:47:17)


Technical difficulties: (27:46) video cuts out and they have to quickly recap what happened while the connection was lost. Other than this one technical hiccup this was a really fantastic session.

Episode 65: The Streets of Ank’Harel

Summary: (Spoilers for episode 64) After Vox Machina say their tearful goodbyes to Tiberius Stormwind, vowing to return and give him a proper hero’s burial, the companions return to Whitestone to regroup and plan their next move.

Why to Watch: Vox Machina finally get to explore a new continent! After spending three years of game play in Tal’dorei with only a brief visit to the destroyed Draconia, the companions travel to the desert-land of Marquet. There are the usual funny, awkward moments where the group must learn new customs and greetings that don’t always work out as planned. If you’re interested in world building and role play interactions this episode is a great one to watch.


Vax and Marisha share a…touching moment? (11:30)

What happens when Grog gets bored (33:09)

Kashaw is a gem (43:50)

Arrival in Marquet (1:25:00)

Scanlan…looks for….spice (2:21:40)

The Soothsayer (2:41:15)

Daydrinking (3:08:45)

We be clubbin’ mothafuckers (3:09:21)


The story progression slows down after the quick pace of the last couple episodes. The episode itself is not boring, if you enjoy long and descriptive exposition from the DM and the actors manage to land a few great bits while interacting with locals.


What a great couple of episodes! These two episodes really showcase what Critical Role and Dungeons and Dragons is about. There’s an engaging and heartfelt story, lots of tense moments and some great action, and the world building is incredibly fun to watch. Seeing Vox Machina wind up in awkward situations while they stumble their way through new cultures and customs is hilarious. Matt Mercer really shines as a DM in these episodes. The hours and hours of work he puts in along with his incredible improv skills bring such depth to his world.

You won’t want to miss next week’s review! Liam O’Brian guest stars as Dungeon Master for a one-shot episode. Watch as your favorite guest stars and cast members play a back-stabbing group of Clasp mercenaries on a deadly mission.

Critical Role - Episodes 64 & 65

Critical Role - Episodes 64 & 65

Mithical Rating










What Works

  • Fast Paced Action
  • Great character and story development
  • Excellent balance of humor and action

What Hurts

  • Small technical difficulties
  • Distracting side story/role play

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