Critical Role: Episode 62 and 63 Review

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Critical Role Review: Episodes 62 & 63



Episode 62: Uninviting Waters

Summary: Vox Machina and Garmili finally arrive at the edge of the Shademirk. The only obstacle left is the raging rapids that guard the entrance to the shadow lands. How hard could it be to cross one little river for these seven hardened adventurers? Pretty dang hard it turns out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more natural ones in one session.

Why to Watch: Watching Vox Machina fail SO spectacularly is hilarious. Ashley Johnson (Pike Trickfoot) also makes an appearance this episode! This is also another live episode, and I like this one a million times better than the last live episode. The cast seems much more comfortable with the idea of playing in front of people and they don’t pander at all to the audience. The game play feels much more natural.


Pike Returns (12:50)

Twin mischief (19:25)

Cursed Dice (28:40)

Scuba Grog and Monsta Pike (32:43)

Garmili’s flight (42:00)

Keyleth vs Rapids (cursed dice parts 2 &3) (44:40 & 52:30)

Oh Shit!… I’m OK (1:02:14)

The Curse is Real (part 4) (1:09:30)

Pike brings the fire (1:28:25)

The nastiest goliath hairball (1:37:35)

Vex is Trippin Balls (1:43:15)

How do you want to do this? (2:06:11)

Grog and Pike Fastball special (2:15:50)

We’re going for a ride bitch (2:22:30)

The Anatomy of a Satyr: (2:27:20)

Vex’s true alliances and Laura’s death threat (2:42:25, 2:43:34,2:56:26))

Creepy Hut with a creepy hand (2:51:15)


Sound Quality: The quality is actually much better than the last live episode, but there are a couple of hiccups through the episode where the sound crackles in and out or one of the cast members gets too loud and the mics cut out. Also, plug your ears at (2:06:00) for the “How do you want to do this” moment. It nearly blasted my speakers out.


Episode 63: The Echo Tree

Summary: Vox Machina travel deeper into the Shademirk bog. They do their best to avoid the dangers and horrors of the bog, running from a hag’s hut, hiding from oozing bog trolls. Keyleth leads the adventurers to the cancerous tree at the heart of the Shademirk, where the Fenthras Bow is hidden.


Why To Watch: This episode is heavy with story progression and character development. Vex’ahlia’s interactions with Saundor are so creepy and tense. For those who love the world building or creature battle aspect of Dungeons and Dragons, this episode is definitely for you.


Creepy forest is creepy (14:150

Grog and the Triceratops (1:01:00)

Roll for Disappointment (1:03:50)

The Tree (1:56:00)

Saundor (2:06:00)

Vex’s Choice (2:09:00)

Vex’s answer (2:14:45)

How do you want to do this? (3:43:30)

Garmili? Is that you? (3:58:45)


Lowlights: The first half of the episode is mostly Vox Machina avoiding any creature fights and goofing around in Scanlan’s mansion. The more interesting half of the episode begins right after the break at (1:46:30).

Sound Quality: Liam O’Brian (Vax) skypes in for this episode and his mic is SO bad. I could hardly understand anything he was saying and had to turn on the subtitles. The sound also cut out for a half second every couple minutes throughout the entire video. It’s rather annoying to have those hiccups every few minutes, but since I already had the subtitles on to attempt to understand Vax, I didn’t feel like I missed out on too much dialogue.


[yasr_multiset setid=14] 

The live episode was fantastic! They worked out all the kinks and acted much more comfortably in front of the audience. There weren’t as many crowd interruptions or cheering for every little thing. The humor was genuine and prolific and the action was exciting and tense. Episode 63 has a fairly decent ‘boss battle’. Nothing like a dragon or a beholder, but still full of nervous energy and creepy minions. The character plot twist at the end of the episode gave a fun little ending to their adventures in the Feywild. What awaits Vox Machina back home? Where will they go now that they have recovered another Vestige? Find out in next week’s review of Critical Role!

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