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Clockwork Planet Vol. 3 (Manga Review)

By: I.Am.No.Man

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After saving the city of Kyoto and exposing the government’s conspiracy, Naoto and Marie Bell Breguet must lay low and do their best to live a normal life. Marie struggles to accept the mundane existence of a typical high school student while Naoto is barely scraping through with horrible grades. Just as Marie thinks she can’t handle this life anymore, Halter digs up some new intel about RyuZU’s mysterious sister Anchor. Naoto is eager for a new adventure but his failing grades hold him back and he must attend tutoring or he will flunk out of school.

A trio of secret agents have broken into an abandoned factory district in the city of Mie. While they sneak around they discuss the possibility that Marie Bell may not actually be dead, but just in hiding. The group unexpectedly come across a huge energy surge somewhere below the city and move in to investigate closer. They uncover a secret underground military laboratory of some kind where a world destroying weapon is being developed. As the agents are gathering evidence, a shape appears in the room behind them. Before they can react, they are ripped to shreds by an armored child-like automation. Only one of the agents barely escapes her initial attack and desperately tries to think of a way to escape. The automation hunts him down mercilessly and he realizes this is another Initial-Y Series automaton. He frantically attempts to send a transmission to the only person he hopes can help.

Marie Bell tries to interpret the bizzare, vulgar message that Halter intercepted for her. The message, which is incredibly offensive and demeaning to Marie, was sent over illegal Radio waves. Naoto, who is nearly dying of boredom in his tutoring lessons, picks up on a strange sound wave that he thinks may have been Marie’s mysterious message. The group make plans to find the location of the message.

Anchor, lost in a semi-dream state, calls out to her sister, desperate to find her way home.

Arriving in the city of Mie Marie, Halter, and Naoto find a silent ghost town. Not even Naoto’s incredible ears can pick up the normal sound of gears working to keep the city alive. As they begin their investigation, Marie and Naoto realize that the message may have been coded with a meaning beyond the obvious. Naoto is able to decipher the message to reveal that the sender must have found another Initial –Y Series. The group assume it is Anchor and begin their search for RyuZU’s sister. Halter is increasingly on edge and feels like they are walking into a deadly trap. Locating the warehouse where the message was sent, the group uncovers the massive weapon the secret agents uncovered. RyuZU tries to destroy the weapon but her attacks are useless. Naoto realizes the military has stripped Mie’s gears and part to assemble the gigantic weapon. Halter senses someone approaching them and tries to get them out of the warehouse. RyuZU realizes that it’s Anchor approaching, but something is different. Anchor wears a mask over her eyes. RyuZU calls to her sister. Anchor begins to attack the group, not recognizing RyuZU’s voice. She activates her weapons systems and initiates sequence Bloody Murder!


This was another solid volume from Kuro and Clockwork Planet! At first, I wondered if I’d have to read an entire volume of Marie and Naoto trying to navigate normal high school life, but the story progressed perfectly and dived right back into action. I enjoyed how the volume’s story was broken up into a couple different points of view. The secret agent’s mission was an exciting interlude that led the story into an exciting cliffhanger. The artwork styles switched between a scratchier, more edgy feel for the action scenes, and a bubbly cartoonish bold print for Marie and Naoto’s high school scenes. The differing art styles really set a great tone for the volume and kept me turning pages. I couldn’t wait to dive into the next volume… and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Find Clockwork Planet Vol. 3 here!

Kodansha Comics provided us with a digital copy of Clockwork Planet Vol.3 in exchange for an honest review.

Clockwork Planet Vol. 3

Clockwork Planet Vol. 3


9.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.5 /10

What Works

  • Engaging plot line
  • Expressive art work
  • Action-packed adventure

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