CES 2017: Day One (Spotlight on LG, Nikon, Samsung)

By: Mithrandiel

Last year we did a brief spotlight on CES 2016, but this year we’re happy to be in the thick of it all covering it live from the Las Vegas Convention Center!


After picking up my badge I only had a couple hours to wander the floor, making my way through LG’s massive booth first. TV’s were on prominent display, one of the standard pillars of CES showcasing each year being the advancements in home entertainment technology. LG’s booth showed off it’s updated 4k OLED TV’s featuring nano-cell display technology. Not only does the redesigned screen help with color quality and preserve an amazing picture from a variety of angles, they’re extremely thin.

No, seriously.

Besides the impossibly thin and impressive displays, LG also had a wealth of appliances on display, including a dual-load washer that featured a smaller washer installed in the pedestal for an additional (albeit smaller) load.


Refrigerators, ovens and other kitchen appliances rounded out LG’s lineup, and the technology bringing it all together was a new device called the Hub Robot

The hub robot allows you to control your various appliances with voice commands, as well as play music and execute commands similar to those you might find in Amazon’s Echo. With both eyes focused on the future of smart homes, LG made a strong showing with their lineup of technologically advanced appliances (a topic I’ll be covering more closely with our wrap-up piece). I’m looking forward to taking a second and third look over the next couple days.


Celebrating their 100th anniversary, Nikon bags announcing the milestone were being carried by visitors all over the CES showroom floor. Showcasing their latest lenses, as well as three new cameras including the weatherproof W100.

Nikon’s new products will provide some more flexibility for consumers interested in picking up a dedicated point-and-shoot camera – a task that gets harder with each passing year as smartphone cameras continue to evolve.

Still, if Nikon’s feeling the pressure, you couldn’t tell by walking through the booth. I’m looking forward to getting some more hands-on experience with their new cameras tomorrow!


My last major stop for the evening was the Samsung booth. Ending my night as I began it, Samsung had a major focus on TV’s with their new QLED lineup. An improvement over OLED’s, the latest generation of Samsung TV’s utilizes Quantum Dot technology to provide a brighter picture that can display 99% of the DCI-P3 color space. In other words…shinnnyyyyy.

QLED TV’s also improve contrast and drastically reduce glare – making them excellent candidates for next generation gaming TV’s (PS4 Pro’s anyone?).

I was particularly taken by Samsung’s covert TV disguised as a piece of art:

The intricate design can be customized, as well as the border, to display different “art pieces” when the TV is turned off. A step above the standard mirror TV, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this integrated in living rooms across the country in the coming year.

It was a brief romp through the showroom floor tonight, but still exciting as I got a glimpse at the new tech we can expect to see coming out this year. Stay tuned tomorrow for more coverage!

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