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So many video games, so little time. Wondering what to play next? The Geekly Grind team is here to help you out – from Indie titles to the latest AAA masterpieces, we’ve got something for everyone!

Red Bull Air Race: The Game Adds VR

The Red Bull Air Race World Championships made a stop in San Diego. This story describes the air races themselves and how VR compliments the game.

Thunder Builds a Computer: A beginner’s guide to not wasting money

Thunder puts together a new computer and shares some tips on how to save money when doing so!

Editorial: Ramblings In The Arena

Miak shares his experience of spending the last 7+ years in various MOBAs including League of Legends and DOTA 2.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Review)

EyeSyeAlex makes her way through the remake of the classic platformer Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, out now on Playstation 4!

Project Scorpio, What About the Price?

AlanV muses about Microsoft’s upcoming new console, codenamed Scorpio, as well as the looming pricetag.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Review

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition is a remake of a six year old game. This review determines if it stands the test of time and is worthy of a purchase.

Persona 5 Review (In-Progress)

Zelyhon shares his thoughts on his first 15 hours of playtime in Persona 5!

Mass Effect: Andromeda (Review)

Mithrandiel ventures into deep space as he reviews Mass Effect: Andromeda!

Kickstarter Spotlight: Shardbound by Spiritwalk Games

Mithrandiel interviews a handful of staff from Spiritwalk Games about their upcoming title, Shardbound!

On Dialogue Wheels

Miak examines the value of good dialogue in video games, and why it seems so hard to find, in his latest opinion piece!

Is BF1: They Shall Not Pass Worth Buying?

The first DLC for BF1 has dropped, and thousands of people are waging war as the French Army. Read on for info and my impressions of They Shall Not Pass.

Thunder Plays: Streets of Rogue

This week, Thunderheavyarm reviews Streets of Rogue!

NieR: Automata (Review)

Mithrandiel reviews the highly anticipated action-RPG title, NieR: Automata!

Horizon Zero Dawn (Second Opinion)

Zelyhon offers his own take on Horizon Zero Dawn – the expansive open world game that recently launched on PS4.

All-Mothers and Metal Devils: Religion in Horizon Zero Dawn

Mithrandiel takes a look at how Horizon Zero Dawn uses religion and spiritual beliefs to build tension and construct a vibrant and interesting world.

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