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So many video games, so little time. Wondering what to play next? The Mithical team is here to help you out – from Indie titles to the latest AAA masterpieces, we’ve got you covered!

It’s a Great Big (Monster Hunter) World Out There! [Review]

Mithrandiel steps away from his latest hunt to share his thoughts on Monster Hunter World!

Ultimate Chicken Horse (Review)

Thanks to our friends at Clever Endeavour Games, we were able to check out the console release of Ultimate Chicken Horse. EyeSpyeAlex shares her thoughts.

MW2 IW4x Puts Spin on Classic War Games

Goose shares his thoughts on MW2 IW4x - a revival of Modern Warfare 2 that calls back some of the best features from the original game!

Verdant Skies (Review)

Verdant Skies takes you to the far reaches of space for you to become a farmer. Is it as epic as it sounds? July takes a look at the opening salvo from Howling Moon Software.

Not Every Game is Like Dark Souls – Or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Monster…

Guest contributor Daikaiser shares why the constant comparisons of Monster Hunter World and Dark Souls need to stop.

Hospital Jump Scares or Wild Cults – Comparing Outlast and Outlast 2

Goose recounts his experiences with two notable horror titles: Outlast and Outlast 2!


Zelyhon takes a look at the new Dragonball FighterZ game from Arc System Works, and does so without even needing to take four episodes to charge up for it.

Our Latest Podcast Episode is Live!

Episode 6 of The Geekly Grind podcast is live! Don't forget to check out our main podcast site as well!

The Reckoning of Todd Rogers: How A Video Game Legend Is Quickly Becoming A Myth

New contributor Goose recaps and comments on the ever-unfolding drama surrounding legendary video game record-holder Todd Rogers.

PAX South Spotlight – Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

TheJewphin chats with Katrina from Obsidian Entertainment about the highly anticipated arrival of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire!

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