Opinion: The Importance of The Twilight Zone

EyeSpyeAlex shares her opinion on the growing importance of The Twilight Zone marathon and the timeless messages of Rod Serling.

E3 Podcast (Part 1)

Mithrandiel rounds up some of the other contributors to chat about E3’s first half.

Watch Dogs Has Renewed Relevance in 2018

AlanV reflects on the unsettling relevance that Watch Dogs 2 has in our increasingly digital lives.

First Impressions – New Venom Trailer

Sony drops a new Venom trailer and it actually has Venom! Finally!
RogueSymbiote breaks down the good and bad in this trailer.

How to Save the Transformers Franchise

Remember when Transformers was awesome? With a reboot in the works, RogueSymbiote breaks down how the franchise can step it up!

It’s a Dog Eat Dog World Out There – Megalo Box and Socioeconomic Critique

Mithrandiel unpacks the socioeconomic world of Megalo Box by exploring its early character introductions and world building.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Ranked

Avengers: Infinity War is almost here so it’s time to rank every film in the MCU! RogueSymbiote puts together a worst to best composite list of the MCU!

Opinion – Zuckerberg Testimony Confirms Our Worst Fears: Legislators Are Clueless About Technology

Mithrandiel weighs in on the impact of the Mark Zuckerberg testimony today, and how it turned the spotlight from Facebook’s shady dealings to Congress’ glaring lack of technological understanding.

David Tennant and Krysten Ritter Panel: The Highlight of SVCC 2018

TeeDub recaps one of the biggest events from Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018: The David Tennant & Krysten Ritter panel!

International Women’s Day: Geek Edition!

The crew of The Geekly Grind pays tribute to their favorite anime and video game heroines this International Women’s Day!

Fandom Spotlight: Vox Machina – An Exandrian Musical by Cantata Pansophical

Mithrandiel gets the chance to interview Will Crosswait – one of the masterminds behind Vox Machina: An Exandrian Musical. Take a peek behind the curtain of this fan-made labor of love!

Getting in the F%*^ing Robot: A Reflection on Hiro & Shinji

Mithrandiel discusses the not-so-wide chasm between robot-piloting protagonists Hiro from Darling in the FRANXX, and Shinji Ikari from the formative giant robot series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Not Every Game is Like Dark Souls – Or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Monster Hunter World

Guest contributor Daikaiser shares why the constant comparisons of Monster Hunter World and Dark Souls need to stop.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens – Episode 3 (Review)

Saito’s on the run for a murder he didn’t commit and Lin is bloodthirsty for revenge! RogueSymbiote reviews episode 3 of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

Our Latest Podcast Episode is Live!

Episode 6 of The Geekly Grind podcast is live! Don’t forget to check out our main podcast site as well!

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