New Gameplay Trailer for Lego The Incredibles!

Awesome new gameplay trailer for Lego The Incredibles, coming this summer from Warner Bros!

DOOM Soundtrack Coming Out This Summer On Vinyl/CD!

Laced Records and Bethesda announce the upcoming release of the DOOM soundtrack in Vinyl and CD formats!

Prepare for Light Fall!

Light Fall, a unique and visually arresting platformer, is coming soon! Check out the press release from Bishop Games for more info!

TERA Reaches New Heights with the Launch of the Godsfall Update on PC

En Masse details information on Tera’s latest update: Godsfall!

Pre-Ordering Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time? Check this out!

Pre orders of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time for PS4 will bring with it a nice surprise…

Warframe Updates Incoming – Including Khora Warframe and New Game Mode

New changes coming to Warframe soon, including new Khora Warframe. Read on for more info!

Immortal Redeck Coming To Nintendo Switch May 10th

Immortal Redneck is coming to the Nintendo Switch soon! Check out the press release for more info!

Elder Scrolls Online: Journey to Summerset Trailer

Elder Scrolls Online’s latest adventure, Journey to Summerset, is coming soon. Check out the latest trailer!

Dark Souls Remastered Postponed Until Summer

Bandai Namco brings some unfortunate news to eager fans awaiting the Dark Souls Remastered title on Nintendo Switch…

Press Release – Saber Interactive Announces NBA Playgrounds 2!

NBA Playgrounds 2 is coming! Check out the press release from Saber Interactive.

North Korean Newspaper Speaks Out Against Video Games

Goose picks up a recent story about a North Korean newspaper putting video games on blast.

Coming in 2018: Mithical Entertainment is becoming The Geekly Grind!

Mithrandiel discusses the next phase of Mithical Entertainment – starting with the renaming of the main site to The Geekly Grind!

Gamescom 2017 – Xbox

AlanV recaps the Xbox event at Gamescom 2017!

Let’s Talk Doctor Who

I.Am.No.Man. discusses the latest Doctor Who news. Will the newest addition to the cast stack up to the fans? Find out what’s in store.

EVENT ALERT: Avant Garde Costume Gala at SD Comic-Con

Party like a Geeky Rockstar at the Avant Garde Costume Gala during SD Comic-Con. No badge is required, but tickets must be purchased.

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