Shiver – Junji Ito (Review)

Ed the Mundo reviews the spooky manga collection titled: Shiver - Junji Ito!

Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 2

The Ghouls are back in Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 2! EyeSpyeAlex reviews the latest volume in the sequel series, which brings back some familiar faces.

Clockwork Planet Vol. 5 (Manga Review)

Automaton vs Automaton Showdown! Who will prevail in the furious battle of the sisters? I.Am.No.Man reviews volume 5 in this epic manga, Clockwork Planet.

Clockwork Planet Vol. 4 (Manga Review)

Catch up on the next exciting installment of Clockwork Planet, reviewed by I.Am.No.Man. RyuZU, Naoto, and Marie continue their mission to rescue RyuZU's sister and save Tokyo. Will they be any match against the military's greatest weapon??

Clockwork Planet Vol. 3 (Manga Review)

I.Am.No.Man reviews volume 3 of the thrilling Clockwork Planet series. How will Naoto, Marie, and RyuZU foil the corrupt government's plans and save the city?

Clockwork Planet Volume 2 (Manga Review)

Marie, Naoto, and RyuZU are on a mission to save Kyoto from destruction. What they discover on their journey will change their plan. I.Am.No.Man. reviews this exciting volume in the Clockwork Planet series.

My Brother the Shut In (Manga Review)

Shino Tadakoro has a secret she is desperately hiding from her friends. How will she cope when her greatest fear leaves its hiding place and walks into her life. I.Am.No.Man reviews "My Brother The Shut In" by Kinoko Higurashi.

Sweet Blue Flowers Volume Two

Romance is budding in Sweet Blue Flowers Volume Two! EyeSpyeAlex helps us navigate the complicated feelings of Akira and Fumi as feelings are made known.

Dragon Ball Super Vol. 2 (Manga Review)

Underworld legends, new Saiyans and a tournament that decides the fate of all we know?! Sign me up! RogueSymbiote reviews Dragon Ball Super Volume 2

Assassination Classroom Volume 19 (Review)

The end appears to be in sight for our dear Koro Sensei in Assassination Classroom Volume 19! EyeSpyeAlex reviews the latest in the series by our friends at Viz Media.

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