My Hero Academia – Episode 48 (Review)

AlanV reviews the latest action-packed episode of My Hero Academia!

Megalo Box – Episode 10 (Review)

Megalonia officially kicks off as The King of Kings, Yuri, faces off against Pepe “The Spider” Iglesias! Meanwhile, Nanbu is forced to make a crushing confession to Joe and Sachio. Check out Mithrandiel’s latest review of Megalo Box!

RWBY Volume 5 Review

Zelyhon takes a look at RWBY Volume 5 with the benefit of some time and distance from the season as a whole to find out how well it holds up on its own and in the context of previous Volumes.

D.Gray-Man Box Set: Season Three, Part Two [REVIEW]

ThunderHeavyArm reviews the latest box set release of D. Gray-Man from Funimation!

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse (Trailer Breakdown)

Sony just dropped a full length trailer for Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse and it looks incredible! RogueSymbiote breaks down the trailer and shares his thoughts on the new Spider-Man

Michael Calero (Artist Spotlight)

RogueSymbiote interviews comic book artist Michael Calero. Warning, once you take a look at his work, you’re going to want to buy it all!

Fanime AMV Contest 2018

Ever seen an anime music video (AMV)? Now’s a great time to start, as TheJewphin shares his thoughts on the Fanime AMV Contest 2018!

Critical Role Review: Campaign 2 Episode 21

The Mighty Nein trek through a nasty swamp and battle even nastier enemies in the latest episode of Critical Role!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – Episode 21 (Review)

With Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card nearing the end, will we ever find out where the cards came from? EyeSpyeAlex and Rae discuss all that and more in their review.

Persona 5 the Animation Episode 9 [Review]

Did someone call for Maid Service? Check out Thunderheavyarm’s latest review of Persona 5 The Animation!

Solo (Review – Spoilers)

Mithrandiel reviews the latest entry in the Star Wars universe, which shines a spotlight on everyone’s favorite scoundrel: Han Solo!

FLCL Progressive – Episode 1 (Review)

At long last, FLCL makes its return with FLCL Progressive! Zero Omega reviews the debut episode!

Megalo Box – Episode 9 (Review)

Mikio and Joe finally make it to the ring – but when the AI powered gear reveals a devastating new ability, will Team Nowhere be able to recover? Mithrandiel reviews Megalo Box episode 9!

Stein;Gates 0: Episodes 6-8 (Review)

Steins;Gate 0 has started to pick up the pace with exciting twists, strong character development, and heart-breaking moments.

Azure Reflections (Review)

EyeSpyeAlex ventures to the Red Devil Manor to stop Remilia in her review of Azure Reflections, the latest bullet hell game currently on the market!

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