SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online – Episode 8 – Booby Trap [Review/Recap – SPOILERS]

Another episode of Gun Gale Online recapped and reviewed by our very own v.o.lynn – check it out!

SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online – Episode 7 – Second Squad Jam [Review/Recap – SPOILERS]

Looking for more Gun Gale Online? v.o.lynn has got it for you! Check out her review of episode 7!

SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online – Episode 6 – SAO loser [Review/Recap – SPOILERS]

v.o.lynn plays catch up with SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online…starting with episode 6!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – Episode 22 (Review)

After what’s been a roller-coaster of a show, EyeSpyeAlex and Rae review the final episode of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

E3 Podcast (Part 1)

Mithrandiel rounds up some of the other contributors to chat about E3’s first half.

Nintendo E3 2018 Conference Recap

The Nintendo E3 conference this year showcased a lot of titles to be excited about, but really took the time to expand on their next title: Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Zero Omega recaps the conference.

Sony E3 2018 Press Conference Recap

Zero recaps the 2nd of the “Big Three” conferences with the Sony E3 presentation. Check out the major announcements here!

Square Enix E3 2018 Press Conference Recap

The Square Enix E3 was short. So short. Even still, Zero rounds up the major announcements!

Ubisoft E3 2018 Press Conference Recap

The Ubisoft E3 2018 conference has come and gone – Zero recaps the big announcements!

Critical Role Review: Campaign 2 Episode 22

The Mighty Nein return with epic battles against Fishmen, lost treasure rediscovered, and a mysterious and spooky Warlock backstory. Find out what epic adventures the Nein explore in this week’s Critical Role Review!

My Hero Academia – Volume 13 (Review)

My Hero Academia Volume 13 brings us the thrilling conclusion to the provisional license exam. EyeSpyeAlex discusses which heroes make the cut in her latest review.

Opinion: Starfield a Fresh Face Alongside New Take on Fallout

New contributor Lior shares her thoughts on Bethesda’s new IP: Starfield, and how it helped round out the controversial conference.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Board Game Review

Join Illusion, and Buffy, in saving the town of Sunnydale from utter destruction in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Board Game!

Persona 5 the Animation Episode 10 [REVIEW]

Persona 5 the animation chugs along, with Makoto beginning to take center stage.

Bethesda E3 Press Conference Recap

Bethesda knocked it out of the park this year with their E3 conference. Zero Omega recaps the show in all of its glory.

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