PAX East Spotlight – Alt-Frequencies

Alt-Frequencies is a puzzle game where you record statements from various radio stations, and try to influence others with out of context recordings. The plot of the game follows time loop technology. Someone activated the time loop early, causing the…

PAX East Spotlight – Katana ZERO

Katana ZERO is a slick-quick 2D action game. Players control a murderous samurai character in a neo-noir setting assassinating targets, as well as any goons that get in the way. Katana ZERO does not feature health bars, so death is…


Anaheim, CA – At WonderCon 2019, enthusiastic fans swarmed the “Zero to Hero: Behind the Camera with TV and Film’s Top Creatives” panel. The conversation included editor Debbie Berman (Captain Marvel, Black Panther),VFX producer/supervisor Cory Jamieson, co-founder of Barnstorm VFX…

Tropico 6 [Review]

By: Thunderheavyarm Welcome back to Tropico friends! The smash hit series developed by Limbic Entertainment and published by Kalypso Media releases their sixth installment into the series. While I’m very late to the series, only having gotten into with their…

Sentai Filmworks Premiere Event: Made In Abyss – Journey’s Dawn

Ever wonder what it’s like to attend an anime film premiere? Thunderheavyarm shares his experience from the Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn premiere!

Juni Taisen Vol 2 [Review]

Thunderheavyarm returns from his hiatus with his thoughts on Juni Taisen, volumes 2 and 3!

Anonymous Noise Volume 13 (Manga Review)

Anonymous Noise returns with another packed manga. In No Hurry is performing again for the first time in months, can they handle the pressure?

Tokyo Ghoul: re – Volume 8 (Review)

It’s Arima versus Kaneki in the latest thrilling volume of Tokyo Ghoul: re! Master or mentor: who will win this epic fight?

GeForce NOW @ GTC 2019

AlanV shares his thoughts on GeForce Now, and Nvidia’s presence at GTC 2019. Take a look!

Nintendo Flexes Its Indie Muscles Once Again With The Nindies Spring Showcase (Live Updates)

By: Mithrandiel Nintendo has been making some serious strides in the indie game market since debuting its Nindies lineup. Today is another chapter in this beautiful story as the Spring showcase brings more titles to the handheld console. Things kicked…

Critical Role Review: C2 Episode 55

By: I.Am.No.Man. Episode 55: Duplicity This week’s episode was INSANE! We haven’t seen this much edge of your seat action since Lorenzo and the Iron Shepherds… or the Chroma Conclave attack on Emon. I. Could. Not. Stop. Watching. The Nein…

Thanos Rising Board Game Review (Video)

See if you have what it takes to stand up against Thanos in Thanos Rising by USAopoly

GeForce NOW Beta (Impressions) March 2019

AlanV shares his thoughts on the cloud-based gaming platform: GeForce NOW. Take a look!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Headed to PC

AlanV geeks out over the Master Chief collection – now making its way to Steam!

Critical Role Review: C2 Episode 54

The Mighty Nein interrogate a spy, harass a lonely bugbear, and chase ghosts down a well. Don’t miss out on this week’s Critical Role Review!

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