The Way of the Househusband (Vol 1 – Review)

In “The Way of the Househusband”, a fearsome Yakuza retires from the underground scene to take on an even more challenging job!

Astral Evolution (Graphic Novel Review)

Astral Evolution continues the misadventures of a gruff colonel, a teenaged computer hacker, and a beautiful, eight-foot-tall alien warrior! Chaos ensues!

Daemon X Machina [Review]

A mech action title that knows what it’s about, Daemon X Machina might not have a very compelling narrative, but thankfully nails combat.

The Geekly Grind Celebrates National Video Game Day!

By: The Geekly Grind Team National video game day has returned! In celebration, we decided to spotlight a handful of our favorite games. Let’s take a look… Lowfat’s Choice Anthem is the best game I’ve played recently. It’s actually not,…

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

The Geekly Grind welcomes new writer Zukku, who shares her love for all things Monster Hunter World with her early take on Iceborne!

PAX West Spotlight:The Coma 2- Vicious Sisters

Scarlette puts on her brave face at PAX West and dove into The Coma 2 – Vicious Sisters! Take a look!

Attack on Titan – Season 3, Part 1 Limited Edition Blu Ray Set [Review]

Attack on Titan Season 3 is here! Mithrandiel reviews the limited edition set of Part 1 from Funimation! @Funimation #attackontitan #boxset #review

New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer Debuts at Tokyo Game Show

By: Mithrandiel With the 2019 Tokyo Game Show underway, one of the most highly anticipated titles coming in 2020 has a brand new trailer that’s taking the gaming community by storm this morning – the Final Fantasy 7 Remake! First,…

Critical Role Review: C2 Episode 77

Critical Role Review is back! The Nein seek their next path. Fjord works out, Caleb faces his fears, and Jester is a peeping tom.

The Geekly Grind Interviews: Stephanie Hans

Mithrandiel interviews Stephanie Hans, famed artist for the fantasy comic series DIE and much more!

PAX Spotlight: Mutazione

Long ago, a meteor changed the inhabitants forever. Now, 15-year old Kai is going to Mutazione to help her grandfather – but what’s really going on there?

PAX West Spotlight: Wave Break

Rae tries out Wave Break – a gorgeous, chaotically joyful game that’s basically Tony Hawk on boats with bears that can wear tiny hats. Who wouldn’t love it?

PAX West Spotlight: Stela

Empty forests, long-lost ruins, hazy landscapes… Rae ventures into a dying world in Stela – an upcoming cinematic platformer from Skybox Labs.

PAX West Spotlight: Chicory

There are just 4 days left to kickstart this lovely, quirky colour adventure. All the colour has gone missing and it’s up to you to save the day!

PAX West Spotlight: Jack Axe

Get ready to take on the world – and the gods – with up to three of your closest friends in Jack Axe – a fun, nostalgic platformer!

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