Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Erica Lindbeck

Mithrandiel chats with the talented Erica Lindbeck, who’s lent her voice to a wide swath of roles from anime to video games and beyond. Take a listen!

eSports Bulletin: Starcraft 2 Season 1 GSL Finals – Zest vs TY

Punknight chronicles the final matchup of the GSL Finals for Season 1 – Zest vs. TY!

Bringing Heroes to Life – An Interview with Creature Creator Steve Wang

Mithrandiel interviews legendary creature creator and sculptor Steve Wang about his recent work on the Lucian statue, as well as other gaming heroes.

eSports Chat: MSI Roundup

Scarlette and Solequincy discuss the recent Mid Season Invitational (MSI) games, as well as their implications.

Dark(Z) wins Season One of Starcraft Star League (SSL) 2016

Bane drops for days gives Dark(Z) the win over Stats(P) for season one of SSL 2016. Punknight reflects on the season one wrap up at SSL 2016.

Narrating eSports action: An Interview with Captain Flowers, League of Legends shoutcaster

Mithrandiel chats with Clayton, AKA Captain Flowers, about his experience shoutcasting for League of Legends. Take a listen for some great insight!

eSports Bulletin: Spring Championship Roundup

In this week’s eSports bulletin, Thomas reviews the Spring Championship, and what’s next for the HOTS pro scene.

Harstem wins the Gold Series International!

Punknight breaks down the championship round of the recent Gold Series International, and how Harstem ultimately toppled Snute!

Mithical Entertainment Tours Riot Games (Part 2)

In part 2 of our tour at Riot Games, we check out the eSports arena and chat with Nick Troop (Live Producer) and Raven Keene (Head Ref/eSports Coordinator)

Mithical Entertainment visits Riot Games HQ (Part 1)

The Mithical Entertainment team recaps their tour of Riot Games HQ in Los Angeles.

eSports Chat: Dota 2 Roster Shakeup

Mithrandiel and ALuckyBum discuss some of the recent, sudden and monumental roster changes taking place in the top pro DOTA 2 teams.

Mithical Entertainment Interviews – Weldon Green, eSports Psychology Trainer

Mithrandiel chats with Weldon Green, esports psyhcology trainer and head of MindGames. They discuss the psychological and mental impact of pro gaming.

SC2: Reviving Old Units As New Units Get Nerfed

In this week’s Starcraft 2 news update, Punknight discusses the changes made to units in the 3/8 and 3/11 updates, and how it will impact future play.

Polt Reigns Supreme at IEM Katowice

Our latest esports contributor, Punknight, breaks down the championship round between Polt and Snute at IEM Katowice.

Insult, Meet Injury – Shanghai Major Woes Continue

Just when we thought the Shanghai Major couldn’t get any worse – they get one last kick in as the teams get ready to leave.

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