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Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: 2.5d Sprites

We got to catch up with our friends at 2.5d Sprites last weekend at SVCC. Take a listen!

Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: Kei Cosplay

ZeloOmega stops to chat with Kei Cosplay in the final installment of SVCC Spotlight. Enjoy!

Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: Thousand Skies

Continuing our SVCC spotlight, ZeloOmega chats with Thousand Skies and the creator behind these adorable corgi pillows.

Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: Michael J Fox Foundation

ZeloOmega chats with the Michael J Fox Foundation and the story behind that sweet delorean at SVCC as we continue our spotlight series.

Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: Legion M

At SVCC, ZeloOmega had the chance to chat with Legion M – a fan-owned entertainment company looking to shake up the industry. Check it out!

Mithical Entertainment @ SVCC: Day Three

The inaugural year of SVCC comes to a close, but not before Stan Lee makes his cameo! ZeloOmega recaps the last day of SVCC.

Mithical Entertainment @ SVCC: Day Two

Archmage and ZeloOmega return to SVCC for another day of panels, browsing the vendors hall, and shenanigans!

Mithical Entertainment @ SVCC – Day One

Contributors Archmage and ZeloOmega are at the first annual Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose. Here is day one of their weekend coverage!

Anime Conventions after 30: Being “That Old Guy”

Mith explores what it means to be an anime fan over 30, and wonders whether the convention scene is still for him.

Fandom Spotlight: Cosplay Photography with Nickolas Iampietro

In our first “Fandom Spotlight” segment, we have a chat with Nickolas Iampietro about his work in cosplay photography.

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