Angolmois: Episode 12 – The Best You Can Do [Review]

The bloodbath reaches its tragic, inevitable end in Angolmois – episode 12. v.o.lynn shares her thoughts.

My Hero Academia – Episode 63 (Review)

The Big Three are here! AlanV reviews the final episode of My Hero Academia – season 3!

Angolmois: Episode 11 – The Sun God of Tsushima – [Review]

Everybody dies! Kinda. v.o.lynn reviews episode 11 of Angolmois – check it out!

Angolmois: Episode 10 – Bad Omen – [Review]

v.o.lynn shares her thoughts on episode 10 of Angolmois!

My Hero Academia – Episode 62 (Review)

This week’s My Hero Academia unpacks a disturbing villain’s backstory, while also making way for U.A’s revered “Big 3”!

My Hero Academia – Episode 61 (Review)

Deku and Bakugo exchange words (and fists) in this formative episode of My Hero Academia! Check out Mithrandiel’s review of episode 61!

My Hero Academia – Episode 60 (Review)

The provisional exam comes to an end, but not without some surprises of course! AlanV reviews episode 60 of My Hero Academia!

Angolmois – Episode 9: Battle of the Mountain Castle – [Review]

Betrayal abounds in Angolmois – episode 9! Check out v.o.lynn’s latest review.

Angolmois – Episode 8: Betrayer’s Strike – [Review]

The mongols are coming! The mongols are coming! Our heroes do what they can to prepare, as v.o.lynn reviews the latest episode of Angolmois

My Hero Academia – Episode 59 (Review)

Gang Orca and his lackeys turn up the heat during the second phase of the provisional license exam. AlanV reviews My Hero Academia, episode 59!

My Hero Academia – Episode 58 (Review)

Episode 58 of My Hero Academia provides some unexpected filler that ties into the recent movie – AlanV shares his thoughts!

Angolmois – Episode 7: Kanatanoki – [Summary/Review]

In the wake of death, and the midst of mourning, important lessons are learned as v.o.lynn reviews episode 7 of Angolmois!

Angolmois: Episode 6 – Where Death Leads – [Summary/Review]

More death and despair awaits as v.o.lynn reviews Angolmois, episode 6!

Overlord – Season 3 Episode 7 (Review)

The Workers have arrived at Nazarick. Archmage takes a look at the latest episode of Overlord.

Attack on Titan – Episode 42 (Review)

Thunderheavyarm shares his thoughts on Attack on Titan, episode 42!

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