Spring 2018

Persona5 the Animation – Episode 3 (Review)

A major character is introduced and an infiltration route secured as Thunderheavyarm reviews Persona5 the animation, episode 3!

My Hero Academia – Episode 41 (Review)

AlanV reviews episode 41 of My Hero Academia!

Tokyo Ghoul: re Episodes 1-3 (Review)

Tokyo Ghoul is back with its’ latest season: Tokyo Ghoul: re! EyeSpyeAlex reviews the latest this ghoulishly good anime series has to offer.

Megalo Box – Episode 3 (Review)

Megalo Box continues to impress Mithrandiel as Joe and Nanbu begin the long, hard road to Megalonia!

Steins;Gate 0: Episode 2 Review

TheJewphin takes the reins of the steins;gate 0 reviews with his thoughts on episode 2!

Darling in the FRANXX – Episode 14 (Review)

After last week's hard hitting episode, Mithrandiel hopes that Darling in the FRANXX can live up to the hype with episode 14.

Golden Kamuy – Episode 2 (Review)

Sugimoto and Asirpa make their way towards Otaru, battling new dangers and deepening their bond in the latest episode of Golden Kamuy!

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online – Episode 2 – “GGO” – [Review/Recap]

v.o.lynn reviews the latest entry in the Sword Art Online Universe: Gun Gale Online!

My Hero Academia – Episode 40 (Review)

AlanV reviews episode 40 of My Hero Academia, as the series finally kicks off properly.

Persona 5 the Animation – Episode 2 (Review)

Thunder reviews episode 2 of Persona 5 The Animation - how does the adaptation hold up?

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