Looking for the latest anime reviews? Whether you’re curious about Funimation’s latest releases or the hottest new shows from the current season, The Geekly Grind has got you covered!

Anime Review – Overlord

VeteranCroagunk shares his thoughts on the anime series “Overlord”. Check it out!

Anime Review – Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo

Today Mithrandiel takes a look at the LONG awaited film – Eva 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo.

Flipping the Script: Shows that Defy the typical Anime Formula

In her first article for Mithical Entertainment, Scarlette takes a look at a few anime series that have taken the conventional formula and flipped it on its head.

Anime First Look – BBK/BRNK

A series that attempts to revitalize the spirit of Voltron, BBK/BRNK makes some missteps with its formulaic character development and awkward animation style. However, there’s a bit too much promise buried beneath the exterior to ignore it outright.

Funimation Now – Should We Be Watching?

Funimation will be re-launching its new and improved streaming service, “Funimation Now”, in May. Mithrandiel had a chance to run some questions by Funimation COO Mike DuBoise to find out just what will make this new service so unique.

Anime First Look – Myriad Colors Phantom World

A bright and cheerful opening episode leaves me with a lot of optimism regarding Myriad Colors Phantom World; a series that utilizes self-awareness to great effect.

Anime First Look – Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

A refreshing departure from the rest of the Winter season’s offerings, Rakugo is an immersive and engaging character drama that should be on everyone’s must-watch list.

Anime First Look – Schwarzes Marken

Though Schwarzes Marken features a stunningly familiar universe, a unique twist on a divided Germany combined with a well-executed display of man’s inhumanity to man makes the series more than worth your time.

Anime First Look – Erased

With a fantastic opening episode, Erased is an intelligent and haunting series that is easily one of the best shows this season.

ANNOUNCEMENT – Check out our pages for latest news!

Mithrandiel wants to let you in on some of the changes we’ve made!

Anime First Look – Divine Gate

You ever wonder what kind of show you would get if you let an angsty middle schooler take the helm? Divine Gate does us the courtesy of answering that question.

Anime First Look – GATE Season 2

Opening with a much darker tone than last season, GATE is promising a return to more of the canonical storylines that make the light novel so intriguing.

Anime First Look – Macross Delta

Mithrandiel takes a first look at the next installment of the classic Macross franchise: Macross Delta.

Throwback Thursday Review: Berserk Golden Age OVAs

In light of the upcoming new season of Berserk, Mithrandiel takes a short stroll back to 2012-2013 to re-visit the “Golden Age” OVA series that revived and reinvigorated the franchise.

Anime Review: Beautiful Bones (Sakurako’s Investigation)

Mithrandiel does some detective work and looks into Beautiful Bones, a mystery series from last season that fails to satisfy.

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