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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Box Set

Join us as we review FUNimation’s The Girl Who Leapt Through Time blu-ray and dvd box set! Is it as good as it promises?

The Boy and The Beast (Blu-Ray/DVD Review)

A beautifully animated tale that expertly combines humor, action, and an abundance of emotion, The Boy and The Beast furthers Mamoru Hosoda’s reputation as one of the best anime directors working today.

Psycho Pass: The Movie (Blu-Ray/DVD Review)

With crisp animation and a thought-provoking universe, Psycho Pass has all the makings of a great dystopian sci-fi film, but is ultimately hamstrung by a rushed plot and an uninteresting protagonist.

Opinion: As Xbox Merges With PC, Gamers Are in For a Wild Ride

Microsoft blurs the lines between console and PC after this year’s E3 conference – how will the Xbox evolve in the face of these changes? Our newest contributor, AlanV, talks it out.

Overwatch: Collector’s Edition Unboxing (PS4)

Mithrandiel gets an amazing birthday gift from his colleagues at Mithical Entertainment and shares his Overwatch Collector’s Edition unboxing!

Top 7 Best Free Otome Games

You know what’s awesome? Otome and dating games are awesome–especially if they’re free. Here’s our top seven otome games!

Blu-Ray Set/Anime Review: Tokyo Ghoul Season 2

Mithrandiel and Scarlette take a bite out of Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 on blu-ray! Check it out!

Blu Ray Set Review: Kamisama Kiss Season Two

Scarlette reviews Kamisama Kiss season two on Blu-Ray!

Anime Expo – The Premier Experience (Part 1): Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Mithrandiel takes a look at Anime Expo’s premier fan badge experience and asks the age-old question: is it worth it?

A Lesson in Killing: Assassination Classroom Season One, Part One [Review]

Mithrandiel reviews Funimation’s recent release: Assassination Classroom Season One, Part one on Blu-Ray!

Opinion: Kiznaiver, Emotions, and Manipulative Storytelling

Mithrandiel examines Kiznaiver’s use of emotion in its narrative, and wonders whether or not the concept of Kiznaivers is a lazy method of storytelling.

Spring 2016 Anime Mid-Season Check-In!

Mithrandiel, Scarlette and Archmage weigh in on the Spring 2016 Anime season in this mid-point check-in! See what shows they recommend!

Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Erica Lindbeck

Mithrandiel chats with the talented Erica Lindbeck, who’s lent her voice to a wide swath of roles from anime to video games and beyond. Take a listen!

Anime Blu Ray Set Review: C3

Scarlette reviews Funimation’s recent blu-ray release: C3!

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