Looking for the latest anime reviews? Whether you’re curious about Funimation’s latest releases or the hottest new shows from the current season, The Geekly Grind has got you covered!

Cursed Training & Mahito Arc

Review of the Cursed Training Arc and The Vs Mahito Arc. Episodes 6-13 of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime

Jujutsu Kaisen: Intro & Cursed Womb Arc Review

A review of the first five Jujutsu Kaisen episodes.

My Hero Soundtrack Goes Plus Ultra

Coverage of the Official Live My Hero Academia Concert at Anime NYC

Crunchyroll Announces the Highly Anticipated SPY x FAMILY Alongside Huge Slate of New Series

One of the most popular manga series out there, Spy x Family, officially has an anime on the way, courtesy of Crunchyroll!

Can Endeavor Be Redeemed?

Can Endeavor be redeemed? An exploration of the Flame Hero’s redemption arc in the anime My Hero Academia.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Decks the Halls with Holiday-Themed Characters and Story Event

Crunchyroll Games is delivering some early winter fun to Princess Connect! Re: Dive!

Megalobox: NOMAD [Review]

Mithrandiel reflects on Megalobox NOMAD – a masterful 2nd season that he didn’t know he needed!

You Might Have Missed – Deca-Dence

There’s a lot of anime every season. Like A LOT of anime. So it’s natural that some slip through the cracks. Squarebear explores Deca-Dence, a post apocalyptic battle anime that you may have missed. Squarebear is one of our resident…

What’s Square Watching? Spring Anime 2021

With such a stacked Winter 2020 season behind us, how is this season going to compare. Squarebear shares series she’s excited to watch in this upcoming season. Squarebear is one of our resident artists. You can find her on Instagram…

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 10

Time to wrap up the Doctor Stone coverage midway into the Spring Season. I know it’s embarrassing late! I, uh, had multiple personal things pop up but I am determined to finish what I started. So without further ado! The…

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 9 Review “To Destroy and to Save”

Welcome to the newest episode of the only anime that will teach you how to build bombs with bat piss. Dr. Stone Episode 9 covers the second half of the battle with Tsukasa’s Empire. Given how good the past episodes…

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 8 ” Final Battle” Review

Summary: Everything has led up to this point. Senku moves out to take Miracle Cave, with the first half of the episode focusing on a smooth conquest. All seems to be going well for our heroes…that is until Tsukasa and…

So I’m a Spider, Am I worth Watching? Midseason Review

We’re halfway through the first season of KumoDesu, and is it worth picking up if you missed the train before now? Squarebear looks over the series so far (Without having read forward in the lightnovel) and gives her opinion on…

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 7 Review “Secret Mission”

(Note that I am trying out a new format to see if this works better than the previous one. Here there be spoilers from this point on.) With Chrome having been saved, this episode returns to focusing on the bloodless…

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 6 “Prison Break” Review

Synopsis: The show opens with Senku and friends resolving to move out as quickly as possible to save Chrome. As Kohaku points out, Chrome is bound to run his big mouth and get into trouble. The point of view switches…

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