Box Sets

Tsukigakirei – The Complete Series Boxset (Review)

EyeSpyeAlex takes us back to our middle school days and first loves in her review of the box set release of Tsukigakirei!

D.Gray-Man Box Set [Review]

ThunderHeavyArm reviews the latest D. Gray Man release from Funimation!

Handshakers – Anime Boxed Set – [Review]

Powerful beings duke it out for the power of a Wish in Handshakers. Check out v.o.lynn’s review of the blu-ray release!

D.Gray-Man Box Set: Season Three, Part Two [REVIEW]

ThunderHeavyArm reviews the latest box set release of D. Gray-Man from Funimation!

All Out!! Part 2 Blu-ray (Review)

AlanV reviews another Funimation box set release with All Out!! Part 2!

My Hero Academia Season Two Part One Limited Edition (Review)

AlanV reviews the My Hero Academia Season Two Part One box set from Funimation!

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (Blu-Ray/Series Review)

Mithrandiel reviews the hilarious and heartwarming series: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid!

ACCA – 13 Territory Inspection Department (Blu-Ray/Series Review)

Mithrandiel reviews ACCA – a series bursting at the seams with political intrigue.

Kado: The Right Answer (Blu Ray Set/Series Review)

Mithrandiel reviews the blu-ray release of the other-worldly series Kado: The Right Answer. A featured series last year, was it able to finish as strong as it started?

Kiss Him, Not Me – The Complete Series (Review)

EyeSpyeAlex gets down with boy love and the otaku lifestyle in her review of Kiss Him, Not Me, the latest comedy from Funimation.

Trickster: Part 2 (Box Set Review)

The Boy Detectives’ Club is rattled after their encounter with 20 Faces, but things are only going to get worse. RogueSymbiote Reviews Trickster Part 2!

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru – Season One (Review)

In the middle of covering conventions, EyeSpyeAlex found time to watch Touken Ranbu Hanamaru, the recent historical anime from Funimation.

Monster Hunters Stories: Ride On! – Funimation Box Set – [Review]

v.o.lynn shares her thoughts on Funimation’s release of Monster Hunter Stories!

Gintama Series 3, Part 1 (Blu-Ray Set Review)

Mithrandiel reviews the latest release of the long-running and hilarious Gintama series from Funimation!

Chaos;Child [Blu-Ray Set – Review]

Mithrandiel reviews the blu-ray release of Chaos;Child, a psychological thriller/mystery series that features a high school journalism group setting out to investigate gruesome murders in their city.

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