Anime Blu Ray Set Review: C3

Scarlette reviews Funimation’s recent blu-ray release: C3!

One Piece Collection 15 Review

ZeloOmega reviews One Piece – Collection 15. Join the Straw Hats as they make their way through Thriller Bark!

Mithical Entertainment + JoeNeverFails = Amazing Weekly Giveaways!

Mithrandiel announces a new weekly giveaway in partnership with Twitch channel JoeNeverFails!

Blu Ray Review: LoveLive! Second Season

Scarlette reviews the pop-idol anime series: LoveLive!

Blu-Ray Review: Garo (The Animation) – Season One, Part One

Mithrandiel braves the flames of Garo (The Animation) and reviews the recently released blu-ray set of Season One, Part One (eps 1-12)

A look inside: Loot Crate DX Unboxing

Archmage excitedly rips open the premiere box from Loot Crate’s latest service: Loot Crate DX. Is it worth the $50/month price point?

Review: Eden of the East Premium Edition

An intriguing series deserves a great box set, and the Eden of the East Premium Edition certainly delivers. Check out Mithrandiel’s review!

Tokyo ESP Box Set Review

Scarlette dives into the Tokyo ESP Limited Box Set, check out her series and set review!

Tokyo Ghoul Collector’s Edition and Series Review

Today Scarlette takes a bite out of the Tokyo Ghoul blu-ray set. Is it worth picking up? Read on and find out!

Throwback Thursday Review – Outlaw Star

Though often compared to the legendary series Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star is a romping space-adventure that is able to stand on its own.

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