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Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury [Preview]

Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on the upcoming Gundam series: The Witch From Mercury!

“A Farewell in a Fluffy Of Petals” Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 07

Did you miss me? No? Well, I’m back anyway. Changing up the format a little too, so it’s not so stiff. Let’s get this series wrapped up. So. Episode 07. After the excitement of episode 06, episode 07 is fairly…

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 6 Recap and Impressions

Alrighty friends we are at the halfway point of Tokyo Mew Mew New. After the last episode fell flat–at least for me–episode 6 picks right back up. It’s the best the show has ever been and wraps up part one…

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 5 Recap and Impressions

Welcome back to The Geekly Grind where the Tokyo Mew Mews are new and I summarize each episode. For Episode 5 we look back on a member of the team who’s always been there and never been in the spotlight.…

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 4 Recap and Impressions

Welcome back to the week-long catching up on Tokyo Mew Mew New marathon! I think the show really comes into its own in Episode 4. First off, there’s a new face at the cafe! Pudding has joined the staff…which I’m…

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 3 Recap and Impressions

Hi ya’ll! Did you miss me talking about the best anime of the season, Tokyo Mew Mew New? Over the next few days we’re going to be catching up on the series, so strap on in because this show is…


your name., AKIRA, and JUJUTSU KAISEN 0 Coming to Crunchyroll; Tower of God 2nd Season Announced, and More!

First Impressions: Dragon Ball Super – Super Hero

Mithrandiel reflects on the sneak peek at Dragon Ball Super Hero that he got from San Diego Comic Con – will Gohan finally be cool again?!

New “The Ink N’ Paint Club” podcast episodes! Featuring our Spy X Family episode!

It was massively popular manga, but now it’s a massively popular anime…and we love it! Check out our forty-minute episode about Spy X Family.

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 2 Summary and Impressions

Onward to Tokyo Mew Mew New. The episode picks up where we left off, with an introduction to the base of operations, the very adorable Café..

Haunting Animated Short “Beacon” Assures Us – Help is Not On The Way

Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on animator Andrew Stadler’s debut title: Beacon, and learns more about his path to professional animation

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 1 Reflections

Seventeen long years ago I read Tokyo Mew Mew. It was okay, I guessed. You see, thirteen Janette was a major snob who enjoyed “actual literature” and “mature anime” over the sugary sweet fun faire that was Tokyo Mew Mew.…

Digimon Ghost Game Recap Podcast 27-28

…This episode of the Digimon Ghost Game recap podcast is a HUGE moment for me. It has taken 2.5 years of attempts and lots of tears but here…HERE is where it happened…

The Ink ‘N Paint Club Podcast Episode Round-Up 05/25/2022 – 06/01/2022

Time for another round of The Ink and Paint Podcast Episodes. This crop covers the newest animation offerings! First off is last week’s episode where JD, Gary and I talk about the new Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers movie! If…

The Possum Book Club: Spice and Wolf Audiobook

Spice and Wolf! Now that’s a title that takes me back! This anime came out in 2008 and was a pretty big deal across the anime community.

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