San Diego Comic Con: The Good Recap

Scarlette looks back at this years San Diego Comic Con to reflect on what went well – including the heavy-hitting DC movie lineup!

Anime Expo Premier Fan Experience (Part 5/Finale) – The Verdict

Mithrandiel concludes his Anime Expo coverage by delivering his verdict on whether or not the premier fan badge is worth it. Check it out!

Anime Expo: The Premier Fan Experience (Part 4) – Guest Panels & Premier Lines Hit the Motherlode

Mithrandiel continues to catalog his time at Anime Expo 2016 as a premier fan, unveiling the staggering value of early access to the exhibit hall & more…

Anime Expo: The Premier Experience (Part 3) – It’s Go Time

Mithrandiel arrives at AX 2016 and begins documenting his premier fan experience!

Anime Expo – The Premier Experience (Part 2): Decisions…Decisions…

Mithrandiel continues to document his premier fan Anime Expo experience by sharing his difficulties in planning out the weekend ahead.

Anime Expo – The Premier Experience (Part 1): Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Mithrandiel takes a look at Anime Expo’s premier fan badge experience and asks the age-old question: is it worth it?

A look inside: Loot Crate DX Unboxing

Archmage excitedly rips open the premiere box from Loot Crate’s latest service: Loot Crate DX. Is it worth the $50/month price point?

Announcement: More Ways to Enjoy Mithical Entertainment!

Mithrandiel has some exciting announcements about additional ways to enjoy our content!

Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: Owen Gildersleeve

ZeloOmega wraps up his SVCC spotlight series with Owen Gildersleeve – the creative mind behind the paper mache Iron Man. Check it out!

Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: Bay Area Ghostbusters

ZeloOmega chats with the Bay Area Ghostbusters at SVCC – check out their awesome gadgets and their street legal replica of the Ecto-1!

Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: Halo Cosplayers

ZeloOmega chats with a group of cosplayers at SVCC sporting some seriously impressive Halo-inspired cosplay. Check it out!

Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: Madame Tussauds

ZeloOmega stops by and chats with the GM of Madame Tussauds to discuss the latest statue unveiled at SVCC dedicated to Steve Wozniak.

Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: 2.5d Sprites

We got to catch up with our friends at 2.5d Sprites last weekend at SVCC. Take a listen!

Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: Kei Cosplay

ZeloOmega stops to chat with Kei Cosplay in the final installment of SVCC Spotlight. Enjoy!

Silicon Valley Comic Con Spotlight: Thousand Skies

Continuing our SVCC spotlight, ZeloOmega chats with Thousand Skies and the creator behind these adorable corgi pillows.

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