2016 Conventions

TwitchCon Spotlight: Liquid Sky

Mithrandiel interviews Ian McLoughlin -founder and CEO of Liquid Sky. This service allows you to use a high end computer via the cloud. Never upgrade again!

First Impressions: Super Senso

Mithrandiel interviews Ray Bautista from Turbo games about their upcoming mobile title that harkens back to the gameboy advance days: Super Senso!

First Impressions: Shardbound

Mithrandiel checks out Shardbound - a tactics based strategy game being showcased at TwitchCon!

First Impressions: Just Shapes & Beats

Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on Berzerk Studios latest game - the multiplayer bullet-hell and rhythm game: Just Shapes & Beats!

First Impressions: Sundered

Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on Thunder Lotus Games upcoming title - Sundered!

Press release: Amazon and Twitch announce “Twitch Prime”

Amazon and Twitch announce "Twitch Prime" - an exciting new service for Amazon prime members!

TwitchCon: Day 0 Recap

By: Mithrandiel While most of the action starts today, TwitchCon had an eventful evening for Day 0. Amazon Game Studios kicked off the events with a presentation on three games currently in the works, as well as their inspiration for developing them. VP of Amazon Game Studios Mike Frazzini talked a lot about “shared experiences” in gaming and how the Twitch experience…

Mithical Entertainment @ TwitchCon 2016!

Mithical Entertainment is excited to be covering the 2nd year of TwitchCon - this time it's being hosted in beautiful San Diego!

Game Review: Talent Not Included

Scarlette reviews the indie platformer Talent Not Included by Firma Studios!

PAX West Spotlight: Gigantic by Arc Games

Scarlette chats with Carter from Arc Games about the free-to-play MOBA "Gigantic".

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