Blue Exorcist: Episodes 5-8 (Recap)

By: BellaKaiba

After a very slow intro and catch up we get… MORE CONTEXT and flashbacks! The interesting thing about this season is the fact that despite it is very slow-paced it does serve a purpose.During episodes 5-8 we get to look back on Shiro Fujimoto’sthe life prior to adopting the Okumura twins. Through season 1 Shiro’s character was mostly referenced as comic relief and despite being an amazing plot twist detonator (in episode 1) we practically knew nothing of him.

Through the rest of the Impure King Arc we see a lot inner dialogue from both Yukio and Rin-with their individual struggles and very personal battles- and both these introspective scenes and flashbacks help us understand more about Shiro’s character, his importance to the bigger picture in the story’s development, his relation with both Yukio and Rin, as well as Mephisto and even Tsuguro’s father and Myohda.

Anime ‘Blue Exorcist Kyoto Impure King Arc’ Episode 6 Official Screenshot
For all the Rin x Shiemi shippers out there we get a couple moments and finally Mephisto comes in to play a part in the events- but soon after goes back to his “expectator mode” we all know very well and Bon starts playing a much bigger role in the series.

Despite everything that’s been happening, Rin is still doubting himself with many questions about Shiro’s last action -saving his life- and thus unable to control his flames or wield his sword. This plays a major role in the next events in the show.

So far this arc has given us little action but so much insight into most of the leading characters- Rin, Yukio, Bon- and a glimpse at the much bigger picture in which Shiro was a necessary sacrifice to Mephisto’s perfectly orchestrated plan. And also we get to finally meet The Impure King!

Anime ‘Blue Exorcist Kyoto Impure King Arc’ Episode 6 Official Screenshot

Who do you think will defeat The Impure King? Will Shima ever quit being such a coward? Is Mephisto finally going to reveal what’s that master plan of  his? I’m excited because the show is finally giving out some answers!

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