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Thunderheavyarm Travels Through Time with Cris Tales

Thunderheavyarm dives into the time-traveling indie adventure: Cris Tales!

Iratus Lord of the Dead [Review]

Thunderheavyarm does some dungeon-delving, but this time…he’s playing as the bad guy! Check out his review of Iratus Lord of the Dead!

FF7 Remake: How Subtle Changes Matter

Thunderheavyarm picks up on a couple of the more nuanced details that emerge from the FF7 remake, as the nearly-25 year old game gets a visual overhaul.

OMEN Encoder Mechanical Keyboard [Review]

Thunderheavyarm shares his thoughts on OMEN’s Encoder Mechanical Keyboard – take a look and see why this keyboard should join your hardware lineup!

Not For Broadcast [Early Review]

ThunderHeavyArm attempts to take to the airwaves in Not for Broadcast – check out his thoughts on this propaganda-crafting game!

Tropico 6: Llama of Wall Street [Review]

Thunderheavyarm shares his thoughts on the Tropico 6 DLC – Llama of Wall Street. Take a look!

Autonauts [Review]

Thunderheavyarm shares his thoughts on Autonauts, and hopes that his colony will fare better than his last venture…

First Look: Autonauts

Thunderheavyarm takes an early look at Autonauts – a game all about automating processes, including the creation of more automating robots!

Ewinracing Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair

Thunderheavyarm gets comfy with the amazingly comfortable E-Win Champion Series gaming chair! Take a look!

Seis Manos: Sneak Peek

ThunderHeavyArm peeks behind the curtain of the highly anticipated Seis Manos from Powerhouse Animation – arriving this Thursday!

Siege of Centauri [Review]

ThunderHeavyArm tries out Siege of Centauri – a tower defense/RTS title with a bit of a twist.

Summer Catchers [Review]

By Thunderheavyarm So this one has unfortunately been sitting in my game library for some time now. Originally, it was given to us by developers FaceIT and publishers Noodlecake Studios comes their casual 2D adventure game. Advertised as an epic…

Beastars Vol.1 [Review]

Thunderheavyarm shares his thoughts on Beastars, volume 1! What happens when high school romance and drama is brought to life with animals? Let’s find out!

Not Tonight [Review]

Thunderheavyarm stokes his paranoia and sharpens his survival skills with Not Tonight – from the same deranged minds that brought you Papers, Please!

They Are Billions

By Thunderheavyarm This one I’ve had in my steam library for quite a while. I forget exactly what caused me to be interested in the game if it was just a random suggestion from Steam or if I just happened…

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