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Manga Review: Horimiya, 1-4

A schoolgirl with family responsibilities and an unpopular boy with a secret are the unlikely match of this cute slice-of-life series. Rae reviews Horimiya!

91 Days – Episode 8 (Review)

A new Bureau of Prohibition head is in town, and ready to stop the mafia. Meanwhile, Fango’s truce with Nero is over. Rae’s review of this week’s 91 Days!

Manga Review: Not Lives, Volume 3

Mikami and Kyouma’s first event battle forces a group of players to work together, but can anyone be trusted? Rae reviews volume 3 of Not Lives.

91 Days – Episode 7.5 (Review)

Need a refresher for 91 Days? Or is it too early? Rae reviews this week’s episode – a series-so-far recap that takes us from 1 through 7.

Manga Review: Haikyu!!, volumes 1 and 2

Height-challenged Hinata is ready to be a volleyball star, but can his team rise to the top? Rae takes a look at highschool volleyball manga Haikyu!!

91 Days – Episode 7 (Review)

With family ties fraying, can the Vannetti family save themselves from not only their enemies, but each other? Rae reviews the latest episode of 91 Days!

Review: Black Clover, volume 2

Rae returns to shounen series Black Clover! Volume 2 brings us to dungeons filled with treasure and magic – but what (or who) else is hiding in the dark?

91 Days – Episode 6 (Review)

91 Days is heating up as alliances shift and betrayals appear. Can anyone be trusted? Rae reviews episode 6 of this summer’s mafia-inspired drama!

Manga Review: Yona of the Dawn, Volume 1

Betrayal, mythical dragons, and a young princess on the run from the man she loved. Rae reviews brand-new shoujo release, Yona of the Dawn!

91 Days – Episode 4 (Review)

Deep in the countryside, Avilio and Nero are being tracked down by the Orco’s hired man… Rae reviews episode 4 of the mob drama, 91 Days.

Boxset Review: A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd

One day Kyotaro’s quiet life is interrupted by a mysterious email… What will happen next? Rae reviews the A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd box set.

Manga Review: Princess Jellyfish, volume 1 and 2

When shut-in otaku Tsukimi meets stylish Kuronosuke, her life will change in ways she never imagined. Rae looks at volumes 1 and 2 of Princess Jellyfish.

Boxset Review: Yona of the Dawn, Part 2

A princess on the run and a kingdom in need – Rae takes a look at the boxset for part 2 of the addicting shoujo series, Yona of the Dawn!

91 Days – Episode 3 (Review)

Avilio continues his search for revenge while Nero mourns his loss. With bodies on both sides, can war be avoided? Rae’s review of 91 Days, episode 3.

Manga Review: Forget Me Not, volume 3

Settled between the beautiful Yamaguchi and energetic Makino, Yusuke is finally happy. But for how long? Rae’s review of Forget Me Not volume 3.

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