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PAX South Spotlight: Aeolis Tournament

Aeolis Tournament is a party game, supporting up to eight players simultaneously. Fortunately I was able to play a demo of the game with seven other PAX attendees, allowing me to take in the full experience. Controls are simple to…

PAX South Spotlight: Bill Hates Videogames

Bill hates the videogames, but we love them! Peeziest gets an early look at Bill Hates Videogames, and shares his thoughts on the experience.

PAX South Spotlight: Speaking Simulator

Last year at PAX East I had the chance to look at Speaking Simulator. This year I got to revisit the game as it approaches it’s January 30th release date. To recap, Speaking Simulator is a game where you play…

PAX South Spotlight: Infernax

I had a chance to play Infernax from Berzerk Studio, and oh man am I excited! In short it’s an action platformer with minor character progression elements and an open map to explore. The game is heavily inspired by Zelda…

PAX South Spotlight: The Last Friend

Save the doggos! In this PAX South Spotlight, Peeziest shares his thoughts about The Last Friend, a tower defense beat’em up from Stonebot Studio.

PAX South Spotlight: Foregone

Peeziest gets some hands-on time with Foregone, a 2D action-platformer with lots of loot. See what he thinks in this PAX South spotlight.

Hidden Gems in Eberron: Rising from the Last War

Peeziest uncovers some hidden treasures buired deep in the latest D&D 5th edition book, Eberron: Rising from the Last War

The Eyes of Ara [Review]

Join Peeziest as he explores a spoopy old castle, and touches just about everything he can find in the Eyes of Ara on the Nintendo Switch.

Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus – First Impressions

By Peeziest I had the chance to read through Wizards of the Coast’s latest Dungeons & Dragons latest adventure book, Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus. In this story, the players embark on a quest into the first layer of hell…and…

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Review

Five people, one ghost ship, and loads of jump scares. Peeziest reviews the first game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, the Man of Medan.

PAX East Spotlight – Vambrace – Cold Soul

Vambrace – Cold Soul is a turn-based RPG with roguelike elements. Similar in look to Darkest Dungeon, the game takes place across seven chapters, each chapter featuring a dungeon delving expedition. Players can assemble a party of adventurers from 10…

PAX East Spotlight – The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City is a first person narrative exploration game. The player is trapped with 26 other explorers in an ancient roman city. You know that all of the other explorers will die at the end of the day, but…

PAX East Spotlight – Terrorarium

Terrorarium is a real-time strategy game where you develop an army of mushroom creatures called Moogu, and use them to solve puzzles. You play as a space-gardener-grandma, running around a Murder Garden, solving puzzles. Spoilers: many problems can be solved…

PAX East Spotlight – Telefrag VR

Telefrag VR is a fast-paced First Person Arena VR shooter, featuring cross-platform play. Movement consists of short-ranged dashes with the left stick. Turning happens with the right stick, but since we’re in VR, you can also turn your head. The…

PAX East Spotlight – Speaking Simulator

Speaking Simulator follows a robot that is attempting to blend into human society by successfully completing conversations. Described as a “FPS for speaking”, the player moves the tongue with the WASD keys, in an attempt to have the tongue press…

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