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Final Fantasy 7 Remake [Review]

After 15 years of hoping and dreaming, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has arrived. Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on the game we’ve all been waiting for…

Blood Rage: Digital Edition now available on Steam!

Looking for another digital board game so you can enjoy game night while observing social distancing? Have no fear – Blood Rage has arrived on Steam!

Exclusive Sneak Peek at Chronicles of Exandria: The Mighty Nein!

Mithrandiel gives you a sneak peek at some of the stunning art to look forward to in the new Chronicles of Exandria: The Mighty Nein!

XSEED Games to Release Ys: Memories of Celceta for PlayStation®4 on June 9

The biggest, baddest Ys adventure yet, Memories of Celceta, is coming to PS4 in just over a month! Read on for more info!

Tower of God Climbs To Greater Heights – Episodes 2-4 [Review]

Tower of God Climbs To Greater Heights – Mithrandiel plays catch-up with Tower of God – and shares his thoughts on the recent episodes.


Trials of Mana has arrived! Discover (or rediscover) the magic of this 1995 classic as it arrives on numerous systems today!

The Pokémon Company International Reveals New Animation Trailer and Details for Pokémon Journeys: The Series

A new Pokemon series is upon us! Check out the latest trailer for Pokemon Journeys, and see what adventures Ash Ketchum has to look foward to!

Nintendo Download, April 23, 2020: Retrieve the Legendary Mana Sword

Lots of great games to choose from this week on the eShop – including a remake of a beloved 16-bit classic…take a look!

Tower Of God – Episode 1 [Review]

By: Mithrandiel Given its popularity, I’m surprised that I hadn’t encountered mention of Tower of God before, yet here we are – face to face with the debut episode of Crunchyroll’s latest original series. Tower of God focuses on a…

The Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount [Review]

Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on The Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount – Matthew Mercer’s first official Critical Role guide with Wizards of the Coast!

The PS5 Comes To Life – Some Takeaways From The Technical Reveal

Mithrandiel recaps the PS5 technical reveal, and what it means for Sony fans eager to get their hands on the new console.

Donny Cates’ Thor – Issues 1-4 [Review]

Mithrandiel has a soft spot for both Donny Cates writing and the Lord of Thunder…so this should go very well! We take a look at Thor, issues 1-4!

The World of Wildemount – A Conversation with Chris Perkins

Mithrandiel interviews Principal Story Designer for D&D, Christopher Perkins, on the process of putting together The Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount!

YEN PRESS Announces 7 New Manga Series & Light Novel Acquisitions

Yen Press has got some new titles in the pipeline! Read up and see what you have to look forward to this coming August!

Castlevania Season 3 [Review]

By: Mithrandiel In the interest of brevity, and also to make sure that anyone who hasn’t watched the latest season of Castlevania rushes out to do so – here is my brief, spoiler-free take: Season 3 of Castlevania manages to…

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