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Sekirei, Sekirei Box Set Review

Next on the chopping clock is Funimation’s new Sekirei series blu-ray box set! Are the bouncing boobs worth the price? Kayla The Rivera analyzes the set to find out!

Karneval: FUNimation Box Set Review

Karneval is a visual delight with a colorful cast of hilarious, sad, and sometimes dark characters. But is Funimation’s Box Set all it’s cracked to be? KaylaTheRivera analysis the ups and downs to the series.

Youtube LetsPlay Spotlight: Razzbowski

There are a lot of youtubers to choose from, so here’s one of our LetsPlayer recommendations. Check out the Scottish gamer Razzbowski and his excellent FNAF and Yandere Simulator series!

Selector: Spread WIXOSS Box Set Review

KaylaTheRivera reviews Selector: Spread WIXOSS, and its latest blue-ray box set. Has FUNimation put their money where their mouth is in this latest installment?

Fairy Tail Box Set [Part 20] (Review)

KaylaTheRivera checks out this new Fairytail boxset–and pulls no punches in her criticism. This may just be the most confusing box set ever.

Black Butler Book of Murder Review

This dark and stormy night, we give you our review on Black Butler Book of Murder Funimation box set. Who will be the murderer and who the victim?

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Box Set

Join us as we review FUNimation’s The Girl Who Leapt Through Time blu-ray and dvd box set! Is it as good as it promises?

Top 7 Best Free Otome Games

You know what’s awesome? Otome and dating games are awesome–especially if they’re free. Here’s our top seven otome games!

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