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Who is Riku?!! Yashahime Episode 7 Review

This week Yashahime Episode 7, we finally catch up to where it all started in Episode 1. Setsuna and Towa are starting to connect a bit, but then Setsuna leaves Towa to go off hunting on her own. Towa decides…

Tetsusaiga Clues?!! Yashahime Episode 6 Review

This week on Yashahime Episode 6 we get one of those monster-of-the-week episodes that made up the bulk of the original Inuyasha Series. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha travel to a village chasing rumors of disappearing travelers. They find that the…

Cosplay Gatherings: A Silly Beginner’s Guide

July shoots down your doubts using her recent experience in Cosplay to help you learn how to survive and enjoy Cosplay Gatherings.

Recap: Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018

By July and Zero Omega The third annual Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, CA certainly did not disappoint. Set up in 2015 by Steve Wozniak, the return of SVCC in 2018 was certainly a spectacle to behold. The…

Verdant Skies (Review)

Verdant Skies takes you to the far reaches of space for you to become a farmer. Is it as epic as it sounds? July takes a look at the opening salvo from Howling Moon Software.

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