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Violet Evergarden Episode 1 Review

Arli tries to understand the meaning of what love really means in her review of Violet Evergarden Episode 1 from Kyoto Animation!

Citrus Episode 1 Review

Arli happily reviews “Citrus”, an adaptation of the highly popular yuri title, to help kick off the Winter 2018 anime season!

My Twin Romance Review

Arli rarely meets an otome game that she doesn’t like…which makes her review of My Twin Romance all that more interesting.

Dream Daddy: Arli’s Journey to Dadhood (Moving Day)

Arli charts her journey into Game Grumps latest title: Dream Daddy – a Dad Dating Simulator!

Tsure x Dere Children (Episode 1-2 Review)

Arli’s heart goes “doki doki” over the new anime series Tsure x Dere children!

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