Attack On Titan: Episodes 10-11 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex

I’m back with the last two latest episodes of Attack on Titan! These past two episodes provided a lot of action, a lot of backstory, and a lot of ErWINNING. Missed my last review? Catch it here!

Ymir has made the decision to team up with Reiner and Bertholdt, and flees with them as the Scouts advance. However, when she realizes that the two don’t plan on going back for Historia, she panics. She threatens Bertholdt and Reiner, and they begrudgingly allow her to go back for Historia. After kidnaping Historia and providing her with some alternative facts about the mission, she agrees to stay with Ymir.

During all of this, we are treated to a ton of backstory on Ymir. Ymir was an orphan, picked out of line up to be heir to the King. The king of what, we do not know. It appears to be more of a cult, or at least an unpopular group of sycophants. When the police raid them, Ymir lies and says she is the true blood of the king. She and her followers are thrown off the wall, leading to a Titan transformation. After that day, Ymir was stuck as a Titan, until she ate Bertholdt and Reiner’s friend. This appears to allow Ymir to return to her human form, and she vows to stay true to herself.

While we learn more about Ymir, we are also treated to some intense action. Led by Commander Erwin, the Scouts lead a valiant charge against the Titans. Erwin even manages to lead a group of Titans into the direct path of Reiner and Bertholdt, effectively halting them. After that, Armin comes in with the bad cop routine, distracting Bertholdt long enough for Erwin to stab him and free Eren.

The excitement doesn’t stop there either. We also receive confirmation that the Titan in Conny’s hometown is his mother. A soldier compares a photo of Conny’s mother to the Titan, and the likeness is uncanny. While I had no doubt that the two were the same, it’s nice to be validated.

With the next episode being the last of the season, there are still some things I am hoping to receive answers for. How did Conny’s mom become a Titan? What was the trigger for Ymir’s transformation? What is in the basement?? Hopefully we get answers to at least one of those questions.

The season finale promises a showdown between Eren and the Titan that ate his mother. Titled “Scream”, it’s sure to be a stellar episode!

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