Attack on Titan: Episode 12 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex

I’m back with the season finale of Attack on Titan. I can’t believe season two is already over! The final episode does not disappoint in terms of action, heartbreak, and suspense. Major spoilers to follow, so read at your own risk! Missed my last review? Catch it here!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us: Eren versus the Titan that ate his mother. In what should have been a moment of triumph was a moment of failure. Eren is unable to transform into his Titan form, and watches in horror as Hannes is devoured by the same Titan that he once saved Eren and Mikasa from.

As Eren struggles with his feelings of failure and self-hatred, his Scout comrades are slowly succumbing to the Titan attack. It is carnage that the Scouts are woefully unprepared for, and they start dropping like flies. In an effort to get Eren back from the brink of self-destruction, Mikasa reminds Eren of his accomplishments and all he’s done for her.

This rekindles Eren’s will to fight, and he prepares to stand up to the Titan. He blocks a swing from the  Titan, when something incredible happens. All of the Titans feel a charge go through them, and suddenly, they descend upon the Titan who ate Hannes. The Scouts use this time to retreat, and as they leave, Eren turns the Titans on Reiner and Bertholdt.

As Reiner frantically tries to fight off the Titans, Ymir leaves the Scouts and Historia to assist. While watching the Scouts leave, Reiner calls Eren something peculiar: The Coordinate.

Back in town, Hange and Conny finally confirm what we have been waiting for all season. The Titans in Conny’s village were once human, which causes a mix of reactions. Levi suddenly feels horrified at the possibility that all of the Titans he has killed were probably once human. Whereas, Erwin seems to be happy that they are inching closer to the truth.

The season leaves us with one final cliffhanger. After the revelation of the human-based Titans, we see Beast Titan sitting on the wall in the distance. As the camera zooms in, we see he isn’t alone and has an unknown man emerging from his shoulder.

Overall, I thought this was a great season finale. The fighting scenes were great, especially Historia’s use of the ODM gear. The similarities between Hannes’ death and Eren’s mother were also a nice touch, right down to the blood-splattered flowers. Ending on a cliff hanger was also a good way to keep fans interested, especially since we only have to wait a year for the next season!

Although the season may be over, questions still remain. What is in Eren’s basement? Where is Eren’s father? Do the other abnormal Titans know Beast Titan? How are humans transforming into Titans and how long has it been happening? Who is the man with Beast Titan? Hopefully these questions and others are answered next season.

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