Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 1 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex


The excitement in the room is palpable. With a breakfast of potatoes and titan’s blood (cranberry juice), the room is prepared. Cheers erupt as the lights go down and Attack on Titan, season 2, begins.

The 2nd season of Attack on Titan brings an entirely new opening, and it serves at getting the viewer excited for the episode that follows.

The newest episode titled “Beast Titan” begins immediately where the previous season has ended. With Annie captured, our group of Scouts finally feels like they have a moment to breathe. That is, until they look up. Stuck in the wall is the face of a Titan. The group barely has time to react before Pastor Nick runs up to them and tells them it must be kept out of the sunlight.

After covering the Titan with sheets, Section Commander Hange Zöe wants to know why there’s a Titan in the wall and why no one was informed. The Pastor sidesteps her question and demands restitution, which Hange doesn’t take too kindly. She dangles him over the wall. The Pastor begs Hange to drop him rather than respond, but she shows him mercy and drops him back on the wall ledge.

Suddenly, it is twelve hours earlier at Sina, which is south of the wall. Conny and Sasha are dreaming of home and bored out of their minds. Then, a group of titans is spotted on the horizon. They are headed straight towards the village. With most of the group in plain clothes, they are commanded to mount horses and evacuate neighboring towns.

Fearing that humanity is lost and that Wall Rose has fallen, the Scouts come up with an evacuation plan, while the other group plans an attack. Those on horseback attempt to draw the Titans towards the woods, when they suddenly go berserk and sprint towards them. Mike plans a diversion technique and leads the titans away. He is able to kill four of them and decides to leave, when he spots an Abnormal with fur.

He calls his horse to him and when it crosses in front of the Abnormal, the Titan picks it up and hurls it at him. Mike falls off the roof he was on, and immediately has his lower body crunched by a Titan. In a bizarre move, the Abnormal tells this other Titan to stop. It can speak. Horrified, Mike listens to the Abnormal ask him questions about his gear and weaponry. When Mike is too terrified to answer, the Abnormal takes away his Omni-directional gear, and then tells the Titans they are free to move. They make quick work of Mike.

Back in an undisclosed location, Eren awakes from a dream to Mikasa watching over him. They have a moment together before Armin bursts in to tell them that Rose Wall has fallen. The three, along with Levi and the rest of their regiment, prepare to head out.

Amidst cheers, the new ending theme rolls. Attack on Titan Season 2 has certainly lived up to the hype. A preview shows that the next episode is titled “I’m Home” and will be a Sasha heavy episode.

Want to watch the episode yourself? It is available for streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll starting today!

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