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Assassination Classroom Volume 21 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex 

We’ve reached the end of the line folks. The movie is done, the anime is done, and now, the manga is done.

One thing I didn’t know about Assassination Classroom is that Yusei Matsui informed the anime and film producers about his plan for the ending. This ensured that all three mediums had a unified theme and were faithful to each other for both consistency’s sake and the fan’s sake. It is incredibly endearing that Matsui had such a respect for his fans and his work that he made sure any adaptation would do his story justice.

That being said, fans of the anime and film will be grateful that the manga ended the same way as the other adaptations. The students of E Class receive not only a hefty sum from the government for assassinating Koro Sensei, but also a yearbook and life advice tome from their beloved teacher. They attend their graduation ceremony where they are met with the respect of their fellow classmates and even end up flanked by a few so they can avoid the media attention.

Seven years pass and we are able to see how everyone ended up faring. Kurasuma and Ms. Vich end up married and in their own little happily ever after. The students of E Class each end up being successful in their career paths. Pooling their reward money, the students of E Class purchased the mountain their old classroom was on and spend their off time reuniting to clean it up. As for Nagisa, he succeeds in becoming a teacher and still finds some use for his old assassination skills.

The only downside to this final volume of Assassination Classroom is that it’s over in about 80 pages. Luckily, Matsui prepared for this by including a four-part mini saga of one of Koro Sensei’s adventures. It takes place while the students are on winter break, a time when Koro Sensei finds he has too much time on his tentacles. He soon finds himself entangled in a situation involving a blind bar maiden, her young daughter, and a group of would-be assassins. It’s definitely all filler and has nothing to do with the main storyline, but it’s so heartwarming and funny that I can’t really complain.

On top of that, Matsui includes a one-shot manga he created right before Assassination Classroom. Titled Tokyo Department Store War Journal, it centers around a post-apocalyptic society where department stores are host to mutated items. The items are not only massive in size, but actively try to kill anyone interested in purchasing them. A young girl soon finds out that it takes guts, skill, and an unquenchable desire to subdue these creatures.

While the manga may be over, fans of Assassination Classroom can still enjoy the series by watching either the live-action film or the anime series. To preview the anime series, feel free to check out my review of season two part one here.

Note: VIZ Media provided us with a digital copy of this volume in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Assassination Classroom Volume 21

Assassination Classroom Volume 21


9.5 /10


9.6 /10


9.5 /10

What Works

  • Great ending for an amazing series
  • Extra stories are a delightful bonus

What Hurts

  • I don’t want it to be over

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